Monday, 16 July 2018

Enjoy rains with healthy monsoon snacks

Enjoy rains with healthy Monsoon snacks 

Monsoon means – Rain, Chai and Pakodas ! Isn’t it especially after getting wet.

Who doesn’t love monsoons? The smell of wet earth, watching the raindrops, getting wet and finally unwinding with a steaming cup of chai or kaapi along with a nice hot snack. While it won’t hurt to occasionally give into your temptations of those crisp onion or chilies bajjis , samosas but yes moderation is a must. 

While you are tempted to eat some hot snacks during the rains, why not try some naturally healthy snacks, so for all those who are looking for healthy snack options that you can munch on those rainy days, here are a few:

Corn on the cob: Or bhutta/ makkai. Its fun standing in the rain and watching the corn being grilled over red hot coals! Have it with just salt, red chilli and lime juice.

Peanuts - boiled /roasted . boiled salted peanuts are perfect protein rich snacks for a rainy afternoon.

So give this regular pakoras, smaosas, kachori a twist and try healthy snacks like makai, peanuts.

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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Organic leafy to know

Organic or no (leafy veges)

How to know if the greens we buy are pesticide free or organic

If you see a few holes in the leaves of the greens you are buying, pick up the bunch; it means it is not heavily ‘pesticided’ .

And one very important tip to follow with greens is wash them well and after washing give a final rinse of salt water for five to seven minutes. This helps remove germs and residue.

Note :- This is as per what I have read and come across.

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Organic fruits and veggies... How to know

Organic or No (fruits and veges)

How to know if the fruits and veges we buy are pesticide free or organic

Many a times my clients ask me how to know if the foods we buy are pesticide free or organic.

Although this may be a difficult task in itself however here are a few things to look

Appearance If it is oddly unusually shaped uneven like no two items are identical eg no two leaves of the same mango tree will ever look 100% alike. Similarly, each apple, mango or even grain will always look different from another. Their colour, shape, structure will never be uniform. There will, for instance, be different shades of color instead of the uniformily coloured.

Fruits, vegetables and grains won't be huge in size. There are, of course, special cases in which people do grow large-sized fruits and vegetables organically as well, but they are not the norm and are difficult to find.

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Friday, 13 July 2018

Media child obesity on rise

Around 14.4 million Indian kids are overweight, second highest in the world

Parents where are we heading
Lets give a thought to this.......Child Obesity in India on the Rise

Obesity in children has tripled in the past two decades.

Once the habit is developed for junk food, it gets very difficult to get rid of the addiction. To ensure that kids do not make this unhealthy lifestyle a permanent part of their life one should start inculcating good nutritional habits from the beginning. Ensuring enough physical activities is an equally important aspect of every child’s growth.

In case you need professional assistance to get you started on a healthier lifestyle for your family contact us now before it is too late.

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

How to know if Dals, grains are organic

Organic or No
How to know if the grains,dals we buy are pesticide free or organic

Although a difficult task but this can be checked out –

Insect or worms in your grains are a good thing in a way Keedas (worms) too know that non-organic food is just not edible.Naturally grown sabut daals (like moong sabut, or urad sabut), atta, maida, brown rice, white rice and other grains will get keedas after two-three months and especially in the rains. All you need to do is clean the grain or sun them out like our grandmothers would and still live on with it for quite a few years.

Also their colour, shape, structure will never be uniform. There will, for instance, be different shades of yellow in your moong dal instead of the uniformly bleached yellow of the regular packaged dal.

Keedas don't contaminate your food, pesticides do.

Note :- This is as per what I have read and come across.

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Organic or no

Organic Food? How Do You Know?

Buying organic food is becoming increasingly popular due to the health benefits and promotion of agriculture sustainability.  But how do you identify whether it is  organic or not? expensive !!! whether really worth it, how to check upon the same etc.

If this questions worries you at times then stay tuned….coming soon ORGANIC OR NO

Till then keep posting here in the comments section what are your thoughts.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Shop shop shop till you drop but don't hog

Shop till you drop but don't Hog

Make sure you eat a good healthy meal before you hit the MALL for shopping. Will save you some expensive calorie investment that you might repent later.

Eat before you go, tuck an apple, dried fruit or high fiber snack bar or roasted channa into your purse or backpack before you leave. You know that shopping always takes longer than you think, so be prepared! Take a water bottle too. If you can forego the food court, even for a drink, you'll be less tempted to buy food.

If incase you have to eat anything while shopping go in for sweetcorns boiled without butter or plain salted popcorns.

Think ahead to what you'll want to eat  when you get home. Prepare some lentils or sprouts which can be had with rice or bread or prepare theplas or get things ready for khicdi in cooker, so you'll have a ready to eat healthy meal when you get home. Or put some fish in the fridge to defrost so it will be ready to grill.

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