Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Kitchen engaging Activities for kids

There are many different ways your child, no matter the age, can benefit from cooking in the kitchen! Here are a few activities

📝Involve them in designing menu
🌱Planting seeds
🍥Churning of curds
Making of ghee explore the science
🥚Beating of eggs
🥔Peeling of potatoes
Deshelling peas
🥪Making dosa, Sandwiches or just applying butter on bread.
🥗Washing and cleaning veggies
🍏Measuring and mixing dry ingredients
🍍Playing games to introduce new foods
Designating week with Different colour foods and using the theme like RED COLOUR OR YELLOW COLOR to introduce new food
🍊Teach your kids fun facts
Let them do a Google search and find fun facts such as… tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable
🍎Giving novelty names to different foods and creating a story out of it.

So choose a recipe, grab an apron, and open your refrigerator. Happy cooking!

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Cooking with kids

Parents since this is vacation time are you utilizing this time educating your kids about healthy eating, involving them in healthy eating…..Here are a few benefits

Children who cook become children who taste, and sometimes eat.Involving children in the process of cooking — plucking the herbs to add to a tomato and watermelon salad, for example — greatly increases the chance that they’ll actually try the finished dish. And hey, they may discover a new favorite. Or not. But cultivating a welcoming and open-minded approach to food can grow adults who approach life similarly.
Children who cook say “I can,” not “I can’t.”
A child who can do those can look at any restaurant dish and say, “I could make that.” That’s an attitude that can carry a child beyond the kitchen.
Cooking is a way to talk about health.
Also, it gives you an opportunity to discuss with a 3-year-old how fish (can help make you smart (fatty acids), or carrots can make your eye sight strong, how eating plenty of fresh vegetables and drinking lots of water will “keep your poop from hurting when it comes out.”
Cooking is a way to talk about healthy ingredients.Children who have made ice cream and caramel (like strawberry-rhubarb ice cream with a caramel swirl) know what is supposed to be in ice cream. They know they didn’t add any guar gum.
Preparing the meal can increase your child’s appreciation of the food they are served, knowing all the hard work that goes into making it.

So choose a recipe, grab an apron, and open your refrigerator. Happy cooking!

Mrs Shilpa Mittal Nutritionist and Diet Consultant Founder Shilpsnutrilife - Diet and lifestylemakeover

Monday, 26 August 2019

Exercising on empty stomach and fat loss

MYTH: - Exercising 🏃🏼🧘‍♂🏋‍♀on an empty stomach specially in the morning, will help u burn more fat🔥

Every body is different. Some people can workout on an empty stomach with no problems, while others would end up very sick and feel the negative effects of it. Always eat or drink something first thing after you wake up.

Your body has gone 8+ hours since eating or drinking anything. Your blood sugar levels are lower at this point, and your body doesn't have adequate fuel to workout optimally. Usually, experts recommend eating something--even if it's just a small snack--within 2 hours before working out.

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Saturday, 10 August 2019


All in one pattice
Mixed Vegetable daliya pulses pattice

Easy to make , a healthy duet of grains plus pulses and veggies. All in one meal providing  calories from right source, rich in proteins and fibre.

This recipe can go with a wide range of population like kids, teens, pregnancy, lactation, fitness freak and elderly.

For a lacatating mother it provides complex source of calories, fibre, proteins, satiety. Veggies help in providing hydration and antioxidants and daliya helps in milk production.

For detailed recipe visit

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Find your goal or your enemy, just like soldier

Independance from obesity the soldier way

On this independence day here first steps you can take to win the battle of the bulge, just like how soldiers work, taking inspiration from them.
Find your goal or your enemy, just like soldier.

You must choose your goal be it weight loss, reducing diabetes, BP, reduce cholesterol, acidity, thyroid or just healthy eating. Then all you have to do is just show up your duty.

Mrs Shilpa Mittal Nutritionist and Diet Consultant Founder Shilpsnutrilife - Diet and lifestylemakeover

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Nutrition during exams

Exam fever!!!!take a chillpill
This is the time when the brain is taxed to its maximum, so here are a few tips which will help you to cope up.
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Thursday, 24 January 2019

Protein sparing action of carbohydrates video

Each nutrient has a specific role to play in our body.... Let's talk about "PROTEIN SPARING ACTION" of the carbohydrates.....

Know if high protein diets are the way ahead

If you wish to carry on your journey through a healthy balanced diet, do connect with us at 9870404042

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