Thursday, 21 June 2018

International Yoga Day

The World Yoga Day, also known as the International Yoga Day, falls on June 21. The theme of this year is  "Yoga for Peace."

The main aim to celebrate this day is to create an awareness worldwide on the importance of staying fit and healthy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014 had suggested that June 21 be celebrated as the international Yoga Day globally every year. The word Yoga has been originated from Sanskrit word Yuja, which means ‘to join or unite’

The first International Yoga Day at Rajpath, had created two Guinness Book of World records. First with the participation of 35,985 people and second. as many as 84 nations participating in the event.

Yoga originated in ancient India around 5,000 years back. Yoga is an amalgam of physical, mental and spiritual practice which helps enhance one's physical as well as mental health along with the self-healing ability.

Yoga also aids in combating stress causing changes in the genes, a study carried out by the researchers from Psychology at Coventry University in the United Kingdom, with Ivana Buric as the lead researcher, pointed out.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Don't take good health for granted

Don't take good health for granted

No one wants to be sick. But tell me very frankly when do we start to take notice and some action about our health, only after we fall sick or are in the process of losing our health. During this time, we make all sorts of promises and resolutions. But once we get it back, we often return to our old ways. Isn't this true??

Good health is one of those things that is usually taken for granted. Chronic, degenerative conditions usually takes years, even decades, to develop, nothing develops overnight.

For example, heart attack or a tumor in your body, do you think it developed overnight? No way. It took a long time to get to a size where it becomes visible. All your hardwork of abusing your body in the form of unhealthy lifestyle, stress, junk eating, toxic buildup, weakened immune system which had probably been around for years too showed it's effect. Do realize that, once a disease takes root, the decline usually starts gaining momentum.

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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Antioxidant rich chutney

Nutritious Antioxidant Rich Chutney.

Made using fresh coriander, mint, spinach, curry leaves ...apt for any season....improves immunity. ..
beneficial for people suffering from Cholesterol, BP, Diabetes.

Goes well with dosa, idli, dhokla, chilla, pancakes, chapati, upma , sandwiches, rice or rotis.

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Eat your vegetables day

Eat Your Vegetables Day - 17th June

Eat Your Vegetables Day is dedicated to getting people eating their veggies, and also in spreading awareness of their diversity and necessity in a healthy diet.

To make sure you’re getting enough ensure that you’re eating at least a half a cup of each vegetable you decide to consume, or a cup of a medley.

So go ahead have your dose of fibre,  antioxidants, vitamins..... Let us know your creative ways... Mine is in the comment below

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Friday, 15 June 2018

Sheer korma Happy eid

Sheer Khorma or Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma is a typical traditional Eid dessert without which Eid is incomplete. Its an essential of the Eid serving table and is really delicious and rich in terms of nutritional value. Sheer Khorma is prepared with vermicelli, milk, nuts, dates and sugar and is served warm at breakfast on Eid day.

Rich in good quality protein, calcium, healthy fats, some amount of vitamin B12, the presence of nuts like almonds, pistachio helps to enrich it with antioxidants and zinc. One can substitute sugar with honey, dates or jaggery as this offers a higher nutritional value to the dish and adds a richer taste.

A fabulous dish to enhance the flavors of Eid and other sweet moments.


Eid Mubarak

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Fresh dates

Fresh dates health benefits

Dates are a type of sweet fruit that grows on palm trees. Dates are a good source of energy. Around 100gm of fresh dates gives 133kcal.

Up to 80 percent of the date flesh is sugar that the body can easily access for energy. Fresh dates have sugar like fructose and dextrose that when eaten replenishes energy and revitalizes the body instantly; thus, for these qualities, dates are being used to breakfast during Ramadan months.

Fresh dates are a particularly good source of calcium, which helps promote strong teeth and bones.

Dates are rich in dietary fiber. Most of the fiber is of the insoluble type, promoting smooth functioning of intestinal tract. It also prevents dietary LDL cholesterol absorption in the gut.

They contain many health benefiting flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants known as tannins. Tannins are known to have anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hemorrhagic (prevent easy bleeding tendencies) properties.

Dates  are low in  fat, 100 g of dates, has only a fraction of a gram is fats.

Muslims generally break their fast by eating dates. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is reported to have said: “Break your fast by eating dates as it is purifying.”

So go ahead have a few dates everyday whether dried or fresh as u wish just enjoy the benefits............

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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

World blood donor day 14th June 2018

World blood donor day 14th June 2018 

A blood donor must be deemed healthy before donating blood.

There are many benefits to donating blood like anti cancer,  improved iron stores, the people who benefit most from blood donations are regular donors.

University of California researchers estimate that your body burns about 650 calories with every pint donated, as the body has to work to replenish itself.

You can only donate once every two months, because of the wear and tear your blood-producing systems undergo. 

Donate blood,  save a life and improve your health too. 

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