Monday, 31 December 2018

Sleep more

New year resolution - sleep 😴 more

If you want a major life overhaul without much effort, getting more shut-eye is the way to go. Sleeping helps you burn fat, decreases stress, improves your immune system and boosts your mood and mental clarity.

"Slowly change your routine to add 15 minutes a night 🌃 until you get to eight hours."

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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Add something instead of subtracting

New year resolution special- Add something Instead of deleting

Make a resolution to add ➕something instead of subtracting➖ things like sugar or fat from your diet.

✏️Add a serving of vegetables 🥕 🍄🍆 to every meal.
✏️Add protein to your snacks.
✏️Add two glasses of water to your daily routine.

The same resolution can be used for other areas of your life, too.
✏️Add 15 minutes of meditation to your bedtime 🌃 routine
✏️Add15 minutes of classical music🎼 to your commute to help you destress.
✏️Add some organization time to your daily schedule.
✏️Add a book 📚 on financial planning to your reading list.. or do 15 minutes of yoga.
✏️Today,take the kids to the park 🏜instead of handing them a video game controller.

Not all at once but one thing every day.
You'll find over time that these additions will leave no room for unhealthy habits.

Good, now add this one to your New Year's resolutions.

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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Step away from screen

New year resolution idea -.Step away from the screen💻

Turn Off TV Mobile 📵 leave the 📟tablet out of your bedroom, and pick up a good book.📖

Research shows children who spend too much time in front of screens -📱- computers💻TV 📺video games -- are at a greater risk for obesity, have a harder time falling and staying asleep 😴 don't focus well and experience more anxiety and depression. R adults 👥any different?

Enjoy special moments with your kids painting🎨gardening🍀🌱 cooking🍴
make sure to turn off the cell phone 📴and step away from all things work, and just enjoy the moment.

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Friday, 21 December 2018

Fruits and vegetables to keep you warm in winter

Fruits 🍓 🍐🍒🍎  and Vegetables 🍆 🍅 to keep you warm in winters

Seasonal fruits and vegetables like dark green vegetables, mustard greens🌱🍀 and amaranth greens (bathua), carrots🥕, turnips🍑, cabbage, tomatoes🍅oranges🍊, guava, lime, pumpkin and amla🍏, are great sources of iron, folate and vitamins A, B complex and C, which boost immunity and combat viruses and bacteria that cause infection. Fruits like peaches, apricots and papaya can keep you warm.

Hot soups and stews are definitely the season’s favourite. A bowl of healthy and wholesome soup is not only nutritionally sound, but will also make you feel full and prevent you from eating junk food.

Avoid ready soup mixes as they contain high amount of starch and preservatives. Homemade soups and stews are the way to go.

Fruit chat of like oranges, plums, peaches is most welcome. Also, you can make a salad of carrots, oranges, beetroot or just make a vegetable punch!

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Warming protein foods

Warming protein foods

In winters, the body requires foods that raise the blood🌡pH, such as protein like lean meat, fish, poultry, 🍳eggs, nuts.These high protein foods are associated with increased heat 🔥production and higher thermogenesis.

For non-meat eaters, eat plenty of soy products like tofu, soybeans, soy nuts, and tempeh or ‘legume’ which covers a wonderful array of foods – all dried beans (chickpeas, kidney beans, pinto beans etc) and lentils.

Stir fry meals with tofu and vegetables🍆🍄 or munch on some soy nuts as a snack.

Having milk 🍶boiled with ginger and fresh turmeric is also warming.

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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Carrot chutney

Carrot 🥕Chutney
Carrots are the second most popular type of vegetable after potatoes.

Carrot chutney makes a good accompaniment to a breakfast or a meal. This chutney pairs well with most Indian breakfasts and even with rice 🍚 roti or chapathi or dosa, uttapa or bread🍞spread.

Ingredients needed

Oil – 1 1/2 – 2 tbsp
Carrots – 1 cup grated firmly packed or 3 medium carrots
Onions – 2
Garlic – 4 cloves
Green Chillies – 2-3
Ginger – 1 inch piece
Tamarind – a small piece or 1/4 tsp paste
Salt as per taste

Wash, peel the skin and grate or chop carrots. Peel the skin of ginger and chop it. Keep it aside. Peel onions chop into small pieces.

Heat oil in a pan, add onion, garlic, ginger, green chilli and saute until the rawness of the onion goes and it turns pink.

Add grated carrot, salt needed and saute for a few minutes.

Then add tamarind and saute until the carrots are well cooked, stirring from time to time. If required you may add 1-2 tbsp of water. Avoid adding too much water.

Once the carrots are soft, switch off the heat and leave it to cool.

Then grind it to a slightly coarse paste (not too smooth) with little water.

(Or I made this with OPOS method
In a pressure cooker
Layer 1- 1tsp oil
Layer 2- 2tsp water
Layer 3- onion chopped
Layer 4- carrots, garlic, ginger, green chillies, salt, tamarind

Close the lid, cook on high for 2 whistles, released the pressure, cool and grind to a smooth paste.)

Mix well and enjoy!

Friday, 14 December 2018

Carrot pickle

Carrot 🥕Pickle

So it’s the season of carrots right……besides carrot halwa esp for weight watchers this is a unique way of having carrots.

Chop carrot 🥕lengthwise, slit green chillies also lengthwise, add finely chopped fresh hara🌱 lehsun (green garlic) add salt, mustard seeds(grind a little), lemon 🍋 and a few drops of olive oil and mix well. This can stay in fridge for 10-15days. Pickled crunchy carrots make a terrific accompaniment for just about any meal.

Carrots will give you vit 🅰️ n addition of oil will ensure good absorption of the same. Also this is Pickle gastrointestinal treat... for good bacteria.

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Carrots the power crunch

Carrots 🥕 The Power Crunch
Carrots are one of the most popular, versatile vegetables in the world. They can be eaten raw, cooked or juiced.

There are more than 100 species of carrots 🥕

Some are big, some are small, and they come in a variety of colors including: orange, purple, white, yellow and red.

While carrots🥕 are known for their signature orange color, Carrots get their color from antioxidants called carotenoids. One of these carotenoids is beta carotene, a precursor to active vitamin A that is responsible for many of the carrot benefits that we know about today.

Many studies have shown that beta carotene is crucial for improving immunity in the body, protecting skin and eye health, and fighting free radical damage that can cause various forms of chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.

The nutrition in carrots🥕are bound to the cell wall “matrix” of the vegetables that have to be broken by heat (cooking) or mechanical action (grinding, juicing, proper chewing).

Cooking the carrots 🥕in fat, oils or pureeing, juicing them increases the availability of carotenoids.

Fats help the absorption of carotenoids into the blood as carotenoids are fat soluble.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Amla - the Indian gooseberry

Amla or the Indian gooseberry🍏

Amla or 🍏the Indian gooseberry is a super fruit packed with 20 times more vitamin C than oranges 🍊

🍏Awla has been used as powerful antioxidant agent that also boosts immunity.

🍏Amla restores the vitality and rejuvenates all bodily systems and therefore is used in maintaining good health of skin and hair.

🍏It has cooling, diuretic and laxative properties.

🍏It also has antibacterial properties and helps in preventing infections and healing ulcers.

For Indians Recommended daily allowance for Vit C is 40mg and 100gm of awla contains 600mg of Vit C… just ½ a piece of fresh, raw awla a day is sufficient to meet your Vit C requirement.

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