Thursday, 30 November 2017

Diet humour

A Kidney Stone
is just your body
telling you, "Eat" ka jawab "Patthar" don't eat sensibly

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Package Soup vs homemade soup

Package soup vs homemade soup …...what is really a Healthy Choice?
A bowl of piping hot soup is one of the favourite choices to keep you warm in winter. There are a variety of ready to prepare soups available in the market today. As I see all the flavours/types of these packaged soups, I wonder - whether it is health or just taste... Let us dig into the health part of this soup bowl...

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Nutrition session for adolescent girls

Nutrition session for adolescent girls at NANDNI FOUNDATION -Being a managing partner of Project Nanhi Kali, Naandi Foundation addresses rights of a girl child through education by reaching underprivileged girls in remote tribal and rural areas, and even urban slums, across 12 states in India.

It was privileged interacting with these young enthusiastic girls....who had interesting and intelligent questions to ask.

The session ended with lovely token of love which they gave me all made by themselves and the most important take away for me was the promise that they gave me to follow all the suggestions I have them to correct their diet.....indeed an enriching experience.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Uses of whey

Uses of whey (the water left after making of panir)

Whey, called "healing water" by the ancient Greeks, is filled with nourishing probiotic (pro-life) activity, protein,  and is an excellent digestive aid, yet lacks lactose.

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate whey

-Use the liquid to make dough for Indian Paratha & Roti

-Can be added to pancake batter

-Can be used in dal, soups,rasam, sambar

-Use it to cook your pastas, potatoes, oatmeal, or rice,khichdi

-Add it to gravies for vegetables

-Freeze it into cubes and add to smoothies

-Use whey in place of water or milk in recipes

Go ahead use your creativity and enjoy the goodness of whey, add on further if you use it in some creative ways.

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Whey the healing liquid

Whey - the healing water
(another one from best out of waste series)

Milk is made of two proteins, casein and whey. Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained like in the process of Paneer making.

Whey protein is considered a complete protein as it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Do not throw away this water left after making of panir i.e whey, which is rich in good quality n easily digestable proteins. It is also a good source of Thiamin, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc and Selenium, and a very good source of Riboflavin, Calcium and Phosphorus.

Can be added to rotis, dal, soups, khichdi, gravies for vegetables

Watch out for culinary uses of whey in the next post.....

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Best out of waste- Green peas pod soup

Green soup....

Ready in 10mins....flashed cooked peas pod (main ingredient), added spinach leaves a few and its stem, capsicum, spring onion, French beans, coriander,curry leaves,green chillies, fresh green garlic (available in winters)....rock salt,Jeera powder and black pepper powder. ....added 1 boiled potato for thick consistency. ..
3 whistles. ...released the pressure. ...blended in the blander. ...strained lightly and the soup in ready to serve.

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National Milk Day

National Milk Day

Did you know, Milk is a #completefood except for iron and vitamin C. It contains lipids, #proteins, carbohydrates, salts, minerals like #calcium and phosphorus, vitamins like Vit A,  B complex– in other words, all healthy nutrients required by our body.

I know most of you don't like milk, we make faces...give excuses like it does not suit our system, other mammals milk is not designed for our body n so on right. ..

To make it interesting, you can add different flavours to it. Saffron, cinnamon, vanilla essence, rose essence, dry fruit powder, strawberry squash thandai syrup etc.

Still not a liking for milk then have milk products like #panir,#curd, buttermilk,  cheese, ghee etc.

Benefits of milk - #strongbones,  #muscles, improves sleep,  quality of hair and skin and also acts as a #naturalantacid.

So go ahead and have a glass of milk today...doodh doodh doodh piyoo glass full doodh.

Antiobesity day 26th day

Anti obesity day 26th November

Prevention of obesity should be directed to encourage a health centered, rather than weight-centered approach that focuses on the individual as a whole. The emphasis should be on a healthy and active lifestyle and creating a nurturing environment that helps them to recognise their own worth and respect cultural food ways.

On Anti-obesity day, let us endeavor to raise a food smart generation who will shape the destiny of India and take it towards a healthy future.
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Friday, 24 November 2017

Being a healthy eating role model

Being a Healthy Eating Role Model –Anti obesity day special

Parents are role models and the most important influence in their children’s lives.

Eat the way you want your child to eat. Children learn by example
To get a sense of how your attitude might influence your children, examine your own behavior.

• Do you snack all day long?
• Do you eat in front of the TV?
• Do you eat whenever you are bored or under stress?
• Do you eat dessert at every meal?
• Do you skip breakfast?
• Do you have sodas rather than milk with your meals?
• Do you diet all the time and have a fear of food?

If you answered “yes” to more than a few of these questions, you are likely sending unhealthy messages to your child about food.

Normally when you see an overweight kid, you will most likely see an overweight parent right next to him.

It’s really sad that those kids are getting off on a bad start in life. All us parents love our kids, and will do whatever best we can for them. So why not eat healthy, lead a healthy lifestyle and have good exercise regime, rest will fall in place...... it is that simple believe me.

Give them a reason to thank u latter in life.
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Thursday, 23 November 2017

10-10-10=30 minutes exercise a day

10-10-10 = 30 minutes exercise a day is easy.

Its practically difficult for you to take out 30-40minutes at a stretch daily for walk or any exercise and do you also think exercising in breaks of 10-10-10mins wouldn’t help much…

So here also we’re not talking about giving up 30 or 60 minutes either; all you need is 10.
Just 10?

Right…then please read this….

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Eat, eat and eat to lose weight

Eat, eat, eat to lose weight
Eat,eat and eat healthy, lose weight the right way

Eat 5-6 meals a day, i.e after every 3-4 hrs, when I plan the diets of my client….most of them are surprised??? the very common question they ask is “WILL I LOSE WEIGHT AFTER EATING SO MUCH”, yes eating every 3-4hrs increases your metabolism, keeps your stomach full so that you do not overeat in the next meal and also signals the brain……..more quality fuel is coming so we need to burn it efficiently.

So eat eat n eat eat healthy and lose weight the right way.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Stop yo- yo Dieting

Stop Yo-Yo Dieting- #AntiObesityDay Campaign

Are you constantly losing weight–only to gain it back again?
You might be starting to wonder if you’d be better off just accepting your belly fats. But we promise, the perils of being overweight still outweigh the risks of yo-yoing.

So how do you quit the cycle of yo-yo dieting

Be realistic
“Make sure your diet is one you can stick with,”

No crash diets or fads that will be possible to maintain throughout your life. In fact, reconsider the whole notion of dieting as a temporary fix.

Think of what you’re doing as a permanent lifestyle shift: “This is how I eat now.”

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Investment in health is intelligent investment

The most intelligent investment is .....INVESTMENT IN ONE'S HEALTH.

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Monday, 20 November 2017

Sprouted Methi seeds salad

Sprouted Methi seeds salad

Sprouting helps activate enzymes, increase vitamin/mineral content and is much easier on our digestive system.

Sprouted Methi Seeds1 cup
Medium sized cucumber 1finey chopped
Boiled sweet corn 1/2 cup
Large tomato1 finey chopped
Small Onion 1, finely chopped
Spring onion chopped 2 strands
Black pepper ground 1 tsp
pinch of cumin powder
2-3 green chili, chopped (use per taste)
Salt as per taste
Mustard seeds powder 1/tsp
Mint leaves few
Coriander leaves few

1.For sprouting methi seeds soak them in water for 24hrs and then tie them in a muslin cloth for 2 days, moisten the cloth frequently.

2.Add all the ingredients into a bowl. Squeeze the lemon, add salt, cumin powder, black pepper and mix well until all the ingredients are well seasoned.
3.Cover the bowl with a lid and allow this stand for 30 minutes to 1 hour, until the sprouts are well marinated in the lemon juice and seasonings. This helps developing the needed flavours.
4.Garnish with mint and coriander leaves and serve.

Also you can try adding tamarind pup 1-2tbsp for a little tangy favour.
Shredded carrots, capsicum, different fresh herbs (cilantro, parsley) are some add-ons that you can pick and choose depending upon what you have on hand.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sprouting methi seeds

Sprouting methi seeds

As requested by many here is the procedure to sprout methi seed…..

Half cup of dry methi will yield approximately two cups of sprouted methi.

Sprouting the methi seeds is simple. Take half a cup of dry methi/fenugreek seeds. Wash well and soak in water for at least 24 to 36 hours. Drain water completely and transfer the content to a colander. Cover with wet cloth or you can tie them in a thin muslin cloth and hang  in the kitchen.

I used a wet kitchen towel. Keep it aside undisturbed. Make sure you keep the cover moist at all times. Within a day or two, you will notice small sprouts shooting out. I left it for two days until the sprouts were 1 cm long.

Remember to  wash them and drain water completely daily  else they can become slimy and give a foul smell.

Keep the sprouts in a airtight box in the refrigerator,easily stays well for a week.

Half cup of dry methi will yield approximately two cups of sprouted methi.
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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Junk and your system

Think over this. you think it is easy to find a solution for this. ...and also by the time it gets you mess up with the system again.

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Eat methi seeds sprouts specially in winters

Eat methi seeds sprouts specially in winters

Fenugreek seeds, specially sprouts are very good for health, not only for diabetics but also for digestive problems including stomach and mouth ulcers.They are good for healthy hair due to the presence of Lecithin.

A rich source of antioxidants, fenugreek counters free radicals damage hence also delays early signs of aging. They are specially good for winters, provide warmth.

Fenugreek seeds are used as spice and also as herb.
Eat fenugreek sprouts as a snack, fresh-in-hand, added to sandwiches, salads, juiced with vegetables, mixed with potato salad and other root vegetables; use as a garnish, added to soups, dals, rice and pasta dishes and stir-fries, just before serving.

Fenugreek sprouts are quick and easy to grow, sprouting also reduce its bitterness. Do not cook sprouts as they go mushy.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Pick immune boosting foods

Pick Immune-Boosting Foods

Are you surrounded by coughs and sneezes? From October through march, flu season is in full swing. The best way to prevent the seasonal flu is to make sure you and your loved ones, especially children and the elderly, eat a immunity boosting diet.

Good nutrition is essential to keeping your immune system strong. Nutrients important to supporting your body’s ability to fight infections include:

•Protein (lean meats, dairy, nuts and tofu)
•Vitamin A (sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, eggs, fortified milk)
•Vitamin C (citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruit)
•Vitamin E (wheat germ, whole-grain products, seeds and nuts)
•Zinc (lean red meat, poultry, beans, nuts and fortified cereal)
•Onion and garlic due to it antifungal,anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.

Stay healthy by following a balanced eating plan with plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat and low-fat and fat-free dairy.

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New Medical guidelines for blood pressure

New medical guidelines lower the threshold for high blood pressure

Hypertension is now categorized as having a blood pressure of 130/80 millimeters of mercury or higher, while normal blood pressure is categorized as a blood pressure of 120/80 millimeters of mercury.

With such lowered cut offs, many would fall in hypertensive range

The best way to control BP is by making lifestyle changes:

Stop smoking.

Lose weight or maintain healthy weight.

Increase physical activity.

Lower salt intake to less than 2g per day.

Reduce intake of processed, ready to eat foods

Limit caffeine.

Limit alcohol.

Reduce stress, meditate 15mins a day

Here’s why blood pressure matters so much: as we age, it tends to rise and slowly damage blood vessels, increasing risks for heart attack, stroke, kidney damage and other health problems. “It doesn’t mean you need medication, but it’s a yellow light that you need to start working on your blood pressure."

The guidelines “have the potential of improving the health of millions.”

Source :-

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Quick diet tips for diabetes

Quick diet tips for diabetics.

While there is no ‘diabetes diet’ per se, there are lots of food items that are considered good for diabetics. In fact it would do non-diabetics a world of good to follow these diet rules as well. So here are a few quick tips

Diabetics need to understand  that it’s not just what they eat but what time they eat it. It’s very important to space out meals. Instead of large meals, people should eat five small meals a day.

Another very important thing is to consume enough carbohydrates. Carbs in fact are very important for diabetics because it gives them control over their blood sugar levels. Most diabetics should eat complex carbs like whole grains- jowar, bajra, jav, brown rice because along with providing enough energy they don’t increase people’s blood sugar levels.

Also know the right method of eating certain foods like a diabetic can eat rice in the form of pulav or briyani wherein lots of vegetables and pulses are added. Similarly oats and soya flour can be added to idli/dosa batter to improve on fibre and proteins.

Intake of fruits ensures good supply of antioxidants and fibre, however fruits should be had as a meal by itself and never combine with main meals like breakfast, dinner.

Adopt healthier cooking methods like baking, grilling, boiling, roasting.

Avoid excessive use of artificial sweeteners.

Use skimmed milk, sprouts, egg white, chicken without skin, fish.

Have fats from healthy sources like walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds.

Overweight diabetics need a dietary regime which allows weight loss

Good exercise helps keep their blood sugar levels in check.

Living with diabetes is not hard, some exercise, medications and a proper diet can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Nutrisnacks for kids


● Cut a papaya into square pcs, chop some dates, sprinkle with peanuts, almonds or cashewnuts. Your nutritious papaya treat is ready.
● Peel and cut some carrots. Put them in your mixer-grinder add honey, sugar, cardamom and nutmeg pd along with milk. A delicious healthy milkshake is ready.
● Whip curds with an egg beater. Pour it in a fancy glass bowl add pomegranate, a dash of salt and pepper and finely chopped capsicum pcs and your curd craze is ready.
● Add dates, a little dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, anjir, kismis and also fruits like pomogranate, grapes to kurmura bhel and make it nutritious and antioxidant rich.
● Pattice of leftover veg.
● Soak mushroom in water, drain n sauté lightly in a non-stick fry pan adding capsicum, carrot, brocooli,green onion salt and pepper
● Soak some rotis in milk for sometime, add jaggery, stir on fire till milk thickens and jaggery melts. Chop and top with sliced almonds.
● On a low fire add some til seeds, jaggery and chopped mixed dry fruits. Roll into small balls when slightly warm, good chocolate substitute is ready.

● Milk substitute – basundi, kheer, milkshakes, custard, pudding, shrikand, fruit yoghurt, cheese, panir, raitas.


Monday, 13 November 2017

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day takes place on November 14, and the theme this year is ‘Women and Diabetes – our right to a healthy future’. There are currently over 199 million women living with diabetes. This total is expected to increase to 313 million by 2040.

ARE our unhealthy lifestyles making us more prone to developing type 2 diabetes? The answer seems to be an unequivocal yes.

Check if you are at risk
Some of the risk factors for developing diabetes includes:

Being aged 35 or over
Being overweight (especially if you carry most of your weight around your middle)
Having a family history of diabetes
Having given birth to a baby that weighed over 4kg at birth, or have had gestational diabetes during pregnancy
Having high cholesterol or other fats in the blood
Having high blood pressure or heart disease

If you have any of the above conditions you are at risk.

The good news is that up to 70% of cases of type 2 diabetes can be prevented through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Karela and diabetes

Karela (Bitter gourd) and diabetes

Karela or Bitter gourd or bitter melon is a vegetable that is hated by most of us because of its bitter taste, right. ..the bitter taste is generally attributed to the quinine it contains.

Bitter gourd has phenolic compounds that reduce glucose release during carbohydrate digestion. Thus, it has a hypoglycemic effect and is good for diabetes.

It is also known that bitter melon contains a lectin that reduces blood glucose concentrations by acting on peripheral tissues and suppressing appetite - similar to the effects of insulin in the brain.

This lectin is thought to be a major factor behind the hypoglycemic effect that develops after eating bitter melon.

It also contains a chemical called Charantin, which is known to reduce high blood glucose levels.

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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Does eating too much sweets cause diabetes


Does eating too much sweets cause diabetes.

Research has found that a high-sugar diet certainly increases diabetes risk — adding just one serving of a sweetened beverage each day to your diet ups risk by 15 percent, a study at the Harvard School of Public Health found — but sugar alone isn’t necessarily enough to cause the disease on its own. Excess calories that come from both carbohydrates and fats also contribute to the development of diabetes.

The tendency to get type 2 diabetes is mostly inherited. That means it’s linked to the genes people get from their parents. Still, eating too much sugar (or foods with sugar, like candy or regular soda) can cause weight gain, and weight gain can increase a person’s risk for developing the disease.

Also People who exercise fewer than three times a week are at risk.

The bottom is when assessing your risk for diabetes don’t avoid any food groups but yes limit the source of simple sugars and fats.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Over weight and diabetes - DIABESITY

How being overweight is harmful for diabetes…Diabesity

With World Diabetes Day around the corner……………14th november….i thought of penning down about Diabesity (diabetes + obesity)
Being diabetic and also being over weight, it makes your body ‘resistant’ to insulin, so you need more insulin that you would if you were an ideal weight. As insulin shortage is the main cause of diabetes, this becomes a real problem; you become even more short of insulin.

Secondly, some fat is deposited in the pancreatic cells that make the insulin, the beta type of islet cells. Some researchers have found that this fat damages these cells, which stop making as much insulin.
In type 2 diabetes muscles need more insulin than normal: this is due to resistance to insulin caused by large amounts of fat and lack of exercise. For example, 110kg person needs more insulin that a 70kg person. So if your pancreas, the gland which makes the insulin, is running out of insulin, it may have enough insulin for a 70kg person. But if you were 40kg heavier, you would not have enough insulin for the extra weight, so you would be diabetic.

Experts say that losing just 5% to 10% of your total weight can help you lower your blood sugar considerably, as well as lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It’s not too late to make a positive change, even if you’ve already developed diabetes.
The bottom line is that by losing extra weight you have more control over your health than you think, it makes diabetes easier to control.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Prediabetes - toofan ke phele ki shanti

Prediabetes: toofan ke phele ki shanti.....

Indication before you actually are diabetic. ....body gives you a lot of signal, if you act at right time you are saved.

Screen out diabetes in pre-diabetes state

India is fast becoming the world diabetes capital….hence…. it is very important to screen out diabetes in pre-diabetes state.
Prediabetes is a condition where blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be called diabetes.

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Diabetic diet

Know the right method of eating certain foods like a diabetic can eat rice in the form of pulav or briyani wherein lots of vegetables and pulses are added.

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Rice and diabetes

Scientists have found that the glycemic index (GI) of rice varies a lot from one type of rice to another. And they have revealed that rice varieties such as India’s most widely grown rice variety, Swarna and Mahsuri have a low GI and are safe for diabetics.

A diabetes meal plan can definitely include rice – in fact, it’s part of the grain food group, which makes up a large part of a balanced meal plan.

The biggest take home message is PORTION SIZE.  Adults only need a cup cooked rice per serve. Eating rice with other foods can help reduce the overall GI of a meal.

But what is important is the balance between food intake and physical activity. Globally, we are getting fatter, and this puts pressure on our organs. So we need to keep our weight in check by combining low GI foods, sensible eating and being physically active is essential.

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Fenugreek (methi) and diabetes

Fenugreek aids carbohydrate metabolism and helps regulate blood sugar levels after meals. Fenugreek contains a specialized  type of soluble fiber Galactomannan that slows the absorption of glucose in the intestines and reduces the amount of fat that is absorbed.

Fenugreek also contains amino acid responsible for inducing the production of insulin.

Generally people have misconceptions that consuming fenugreek leaves in vegetable form too would lower their sugar level, however, this is not the case, fenugreek seeds taken orally or in powdered form, stuffed in roti or after soaking them overnight proves effective for diabetic patients.

Consuming just 5gm-10gm fenugreek, a day, in any form, helps in reducing the blood sugar level effectively.

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Monday, 6 November 2017

Waist size can determine diabetes risk

Waist Size Alone May Predict Diabetes Risk

New research finds that
“Waist Size Alone May Predict Diabetes Risk – Even If You’re Not Obese”.

A study found that some overweight men and women with very large waists have the same risk of diabetes as obese people.

A large waist is 35 inches or more in a woman and 40 inches or more in a man.

“This further confirms that it is important to avoid carrying extra fat, particularly so around the abdominal region,”. Fat hampers the body’s ability to respond to insulin.

So gear up…..start exercising and eating right………

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Move your feet not fingers

Move your feet, not your fingers. Walk to your Co-worker's desk instead of calling, messaging or e-mailing to ask a question.

Taking breaks for water, washroom or just a chat with a colleague.

Start the first day of the week on a healthy note....add on this extra activity into your lifestyle.

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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Think about this

If you think it is difficult to say NO to what ur favourite junk food think it easy to say NO to diabetes, cancer, heart disease.... what are your thoughts .......

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Friday, 3 November 2017

What can high-vitamin D foods do for you?

What can high-vitamin D foods do for you?

In looking at the growing number of Google searches for vitamin D over the past several years, it is abundantly clear that vitamin D is very much on our collective mind. About vitamin D mania there are a few things we know for certain like calcium absorbtion, strong bones, here are a few more things to add on to the list.

Help optimize calcium metabolism
Help optimize phosphorus metabolism
Help prevent type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, heart attack, congestive heart failure, and stroke
Help prevent falls and muscle weakness
Help prevent osteoporosis while maintaining bone integrity
Help regulate insulin activity and blood sugar balance
Help regulate immune system responses
Help regulate muscle composition and muscle function
Help regulate blood pressure
Lower risk of excessive inflammation
Lower risk of some bacterial infections
Support cognitive function, especially in older persons
Support mood stability, especially in older persons
Help prevent chronic fatigue
Help prevent the following types of cancer: bladder, breast, colon, ovarian, prostate and rectal

Khichdi as National Dish

Favorite food #Khichdi! ...gets National dish status.

So happy to see this move. Easy to cook. ..can have in illness and wellness by both rich and poor....a very apt food...with complete proteins ....the combination of cereals and proteins provides all the required amino acid.... best quality protein especially for vegetarians. A kind of One pot meal if served with added vegetables.

Image courtesy:- IDA GUJARAT CHAPTER

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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Vitamin D food sources

Vitamin D Food sources

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. This means that your body can store extra amounts of vitamin D. It aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphate by the intestine.

Sources of Vitamin D:
There are 3 ways to get Vitamin D:
Sunlight and

If you are not getting enough sunlight or you don’t spend enough time outdoors, you need to take supplements in order to cover your Vitamin D shortage. Foods which contain Vitamin D3 include fish (catfish, salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, eel), eggs, fortified milk, and cod liver oil with lesser amounts in beef liver, cheese,shiitake mushrooms and egg yolks.

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Vitamin D Day 2nd November

November 2nd is Vitamin D Day!

Vitamin D Day is a day to recognize vitamin D deficiency as a world problem.

Researchers agree that at least one third of the world is deficient in vitamin D, and some scientists even think a greater percent of people are deficient in vitamin D.

Why are so many people deficient, to know more visit

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you might ask? It’s simple really. We get vitamin D from sun exposure. And now, more than ever, the world’s population lives an indoor lifestyle, avoiding the sun daily. Doctors are beginning to discover that vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for many diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

“Vitamin D deficiency is a global pandemic that has serious health consequences for children and adults. Improvement in the world’s vitamin D status could significantly reduce risk of many chronic illnesses including cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes and many deadly cancers as well as infectious diseases including upper respiratory tract infections, influenza and tuberculosis.”

If you expect sunshine to provide you with vitamin D, then you’d better make sure that the sun is high enough in the sky, because when the sun is low on the horizon it cannot help skin make vitamin D.

Learn, educate and participate; let’s get the word out!
So go grab the sunshine vitamin and up your vitamin D levels.

World Vegan day

November 1st is world vegan day
Lets have a look at the benefits of eating vegetarian diet
It’s a healthy choice
A balanced vegan diet (also referred to as a ‘plant-based diet’) meets many current healthy eating recommendations such as eating more fruit, vegetables and wholegrains and consuming less cholesterol and saturated fat. Balanced vegan diets are often rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, that can decrease the chances of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. Well-planned plant-based diets are suitable for all age groups and stages of life.

It’s better for the environment
Switching to a plant-based diet is an effective way for an individual to reduce their eco-footprint. Vegan diets can produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than meat-based diets.

Plant-based diets only require around one third of the land and water needed to produce a typical Western diet.

Choosing to live a life free from animal products means choosing a path that is kinder to people, animals and the environment.