Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Alsi garlic chutney (javas lehsun chutney)

#WorldHeart♥️Day 29th sept Special

JAVAS LEHSUN CHUTNEY (Alsi garlic chutney)

A decent combination, this is great for cardiac types....Flax(omega 3), Garlic (flavonoids and sulfur-containing Allicin), Capsaicin(from chillies).....helps reduce cholesterol provides heart♥️ friendly omega 3. FLAX SEED chutney !

♥️Grind together 250 gms roasted flax seeds, a big palmful of dried red chillies, and 1-2 whole garlic (the whole thing). Add salt to taste. Enjoy on toast, curd rice, boiled veggies, dal-rice, bhakri, idli, dosa what else

♥️Also one can add a little roasted channa dal, udid dal, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, dry coconut (copra), hing, salt n tamarind.

♥️For those who are anti-garlic, a ground mixture of dried kadhipatta leaves, dried mint leaves, flax seeds and dried red chillies is also very tasty.

♥️Make a delcious mixture of juice of a few lemons, salt, red chilly powder, fenugreek powder(methi), haldi (turmeric), and add in ground flax seeds chutney, or just plain ground seeds. This makes a delicious sandwhich spread.

Go ahead and spice up your diet with this chutney.

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Friday, 21 September 2018

Brain exercise can prevent Alzheimer's disease

Challenge your brain to prevent Alzheimer's disease

By challenging the brain with new activities you can help build new brain cells and strengthen the connections between them. This may counter the harmful effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia pathologies. Learn some great new things, learn a new language or taking up a new hobby or sport, slove quiz, puzzles.

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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Dal ka panni or dal water as weaning food

Dal ka paani or dal water as weaning food

Dal ka paani or dal water as weaning food does not give much nutrition except some heat stable water soluble vitamins, it has no carbs, proteins or fats needed for the infants development. Instead one can give mashed dal or combine dal with rice or roti.

Start with 2 teaspoons per meal (start with one meal only) along with 800 ml of  breast milk. If your child is comfortable with it and seems to enjoy the new taste then it can be increased gradually from 1 to 3 mealsne.

When your little one is 4-5 months old it is best to give clear liquids and once when baby is 6 months old you can start with thin pureed foods. So your 6 months baby will have clear liquids plus pureed foods.

"Sahi Poshan Desh Roshan"

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Are oats good for kids

Are oats good for kids?

I have seen some mothers start weaning with oats or even continue later on …specially morning time as kids don't drink milk so a way to give milk too.....please oats are not for kids, yes oats are good in fibre.

🍎They can deplete the body of vital minerals

🍎They may bloat their small tummies and kids may feel full after eating small quantities and may not feel hungry for quite some time.

🍎This is a stage when their nutritional needs are higher we need to feed them nutrient dense foods not just fibre and fill them up.

Similarly a home cooked usual breakfast like paratha, poha, upma, idli, uttapas are better with probiotics and other nutrients like proteins,  vitamins which are systems are used to eating....

A balanced home cooked meal consisting of cereals ,pulses or dals , milk and its products along with fruit and vegetables is good enough to meet the requirement.

"Sahi Poshan Desh Roshan"

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