Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How healthy is Idli Sambar???

How healthy is Idli Sambar???
How healthy is Idli Sambar???
Idli is the top food on the list for "eating healthy especially while eating out" also one of the safest food.

Idlis are made from a combination of rice and urad dal which is fermented and then steamed, thus has probiotic properties

Both these processes are very good
for the digestive system and involve cooking with no oil at all. However most restaurants use baking soda to speed up getting the idli batter ready and while too much baking soda does destroy nutrients and affects the digestive system in the long run. Similarly the ready made idli batter also contains some amount of soda.

Another important things is the combination of cereal n pulse improves the quality of protein i.e gives the best quality protein comparable to that of an egg which is considered excellent.

'Idli, sambhar most nutritious Indian breakfast' sAY TOI


Monday, 29 October 2012

Train your brain

Train your brain

Did you know that your brain also gets flabby with age? The good news: you can exercise your brain and strengthen your memory, attention, and maybe even your willpower!

Your body, all its functions and your immune system
are controlled and coordinated by your subconscious mind, and so your mind is basically the source of your health. Keeping your brain healthy - along with eating well and exercising - is an important part of your overall health.

The brain, like muscles, atrophies if unused and if used more gives you great result.

If exercised regularly (reading, interacting with others, puzzle solving, crosswords etc.) your chances of maintaining an enhanced zest for life will be greatly improved.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

World Stroke Day - October 29 2012

World Stroke Day - October 29 2012

Stroke - a non-communicable disease that attacks 15 million people worldwide every year and claims a life every six seconds. 

On World Stroke Day, October 29, 2010, the WSO and its members worldwide launched the “1 in 6” campaign. The theme was identified to mirror today’s reality that one in six people worldwide will have a stroke in their lifetime. While the overarching “1 in 6” theme of the campaign will continue in 2012/2013, the slogan entitled “Because I care… “will be launched on World Stroke Day 2012. The slogan was chosen as it can easily be adapted to all cultures and in any setting The slogan attempts to address prevailing misinformation about the disease.

 “Because I care…”
·         I want you to know the facts about stroke
·         I want you to learn how to prevent the assault of stroke
·         I will break the myths surrounding stroke, e.g., “stroke only happens later in life”
·         I want you to have access to the best possible treatment
·         I will ensure that you receive quality treatment, care and support
·         I will be with you every step of the way towards your full recovery

Do not take chances. One in six people is at risk for stroke – it could be you. Learn the facts. Save a life today. Act Now! commit to the following stroke challenges:-

Know your personal risk factors: high blood pressure, diabetes, and high blood cholesterol.

Be physically active and exercise regularly. Experts suggest that regular exercise, for example a brisk walk of about 30 minutes at least four days a week, can go a long way in preventing stroke. 

Maintain a healthy diet high in fruit and vegetable and low in salt to stay in a healthy state and keep blood pressure low. The unhealthy junk foods can add up to your calorie and cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart problems.

Limit alcohol consumption.
Avoid cigarette smoke. If you smoke, seek help to stop now.

Learn to recognize the warning signs of a stroke and how to take action.
Sleep well. Sleeping less than five hours a day, can increase the risk of stroke or cardiac arrest.

Getting away from the office or family tensions is not easy, but try to change how you handle them. The more you relax, the more easily your body will be able to regulate stress levels. Select something you enjoy and stick to it. 

October 29, 2012 is World Stroke Day,

World Stroke Day - October 29 2012 

Tommorrow October 29, 2012 is World Stroke Day

Stroke is a condition in which blood flow to a part of the brain is disrupted, resulting in oxygen starvation, brain damage and loss of function.

"Over 40 percent of Indians have symptoms of
stroke, but they usually ignore them. The number of deaths and people disabled due to strokes is rising rapidly in India," It is the second leading cause of death for people above 60 years and fifth leading cause in those aged between 15-59.

It is of utmost importance to know how to recognize the symptoms of stroke and act fast….after having experiencing it twice very closely… I know what goes through so please read and share.

Watch out for tommorrow’s post on how to meet the challenges of stroke……..