Tuesday, 26 June 2012



Accompaniments are dishes which are used to make the main dish complete and garnishes are the food items placed around or on top of a principal dish for relish. 
Avoid unhealthy accompaniments and garnishing. 
Example:-A healthy grilled sandwich becomes a fatty meal if eaten with French fries or with chips.

Similarly healthy antioxidant rich popcorn also becomes unhealthy if had with soft drinks (coke/pepsi).

Sprinkling of bhujia /sev as a garnish on poha/upma/ sandwiches…….also adds on to unhealthy fats.

Do not reduce the healthy properties of this foods by just choosing unhealthy accompaniments and garnishing.

Adding of butter or cream to soups, sauces to salads.
Healthy accompaniments and garnishes

Healthy accompaniments can be salads, fruits, nuts, dryfruit, lemon water, chass , fruit juice.

Healthy garnishes can be using herbs like coriander, mint, fennel, dill, and parsley.
It adds vitamin C, fiber, and folate to your dishes esp to salad, plus a cool, subtle licorice flavor. It also blends well with citrus fruits and tomatoes. Also traditional garnishes like coconuts, chopped dry fruits are healthy.

Some other suggestions are:-

You can cut fruits like strawberry, kiwi or vegetables like carrots, tomato, onions and cucumbers , in different shapes and decorate the dish either by placing it on the top or around the plate rim or even in a corner of the plate.

Choosing a heart-healthy salad dressing it's best to stick to a basic vinegar-and-olive oil or lemon juice based dressing, curd based dip can also be great.

Garnish soups with boiled sweet corn, spring onion, chopped colourful capsicum, which will enhance its flavor n taste.

Sprinkle shredded or finely cut basil, sage, parsley, or other herbs in the center of a bowl of soup, or puree the herbs with olive oil or yogurt for a flavorful green swirl.

Let ur imagination go wild…… Start making this unhealthy shift……..do share if u too have a habit of using such unhealthy accompaniments and garnishing with healthy dishes.