Friday, 26 February 2016

Weight loss challenge

Weight loss challenge

Once you have made up your mind to lose weight, you should make that commitment and go into it with a positive attitude. We all know that losing weight can be quite a challenge.

Think like a winner, and not a loser - - remember that emotions are like muscles and the ones you use most grow the strongest. If you always look at the negative side of things, you'll become a downbeat, pessimistic person. Even slightly negative thoughts have a greater impact on you and last longer than powerful positive thoughts.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

maternal obesity leads to obesity in children

Studies have shown that maternal obesity leads to obesity in children. But the way we shape the lifestyle of all children could help to keep the cycle of inactivity and obesity from perpetuating itself.

“We drive our kids to school; they sit at a desk all day long; then they sit at tutions, classes, home playing video games, then they go to sleep,” “Unfortunately, we live most of our life going from chair to chair to chair. And if we can change that, just a little bit, we can have a massive impact on our healthcare costs.”

Friends please think over this.....atleast don't introduce your laziness to your active and let your kids follow you

Friday, 12 February 2016

Valentine’s day scheme

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Note:- Monthly package include 4 diets consultations spaced as 1 every week. Diets are planned based on clients detailed general, medical and diet history, also assessment of fat%, BMR,BMI, muscle weight is taken in account and blood test as per medical history.

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Heart or pulse rate

Your heart rate or pulse is the rate at which your heart beats, pumping blood through your body.

• To check your heart rate during exercise, stop in the middle of your exercise program to check and then adjust your activity level accordingly.
• Certain medications can interfere with your heart rate, talk to your doctor about monitoring your heart rate and what is normal for you.

Never use your thumb to check your heart rate as it has a pulse of its own

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

February is National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month

You’re thin, your cholesterol and blood pressure are good, and nobody in your family has ever had a heart attack – so you figure you must be safe from heart disease. New research suggests you could be dead wrong.A new study shows that a large proportion of normal weight, and apparently healthy, young people already have some thickening in their blood vessel walls.

One in Five Indians has cardiovascular disease, but not all of them are senior citizens. In fact, too much of stress, too much fast food, too much alcohol, smoking and too many sugary drinks are putting people aged 18 to 24 at increased risk forheart disease and stroke, say experts at the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.

Apart from this  young and middle-aged people with  Obesity , Hypertension , Type 2 diabetes ,High Cholesterol Level other risk factors are definitely at risk of developing heart problems.

For these young people, there’s still a chance to diffuse the time bomb. Lifestyle changes, healthy diet n especially exercise, can yield dramatic improvements.
“That doesn’t mean you have to become a marathon runner,”. “If you just exercise three- five  times a week, that visceral fat will literally melt away.”

"The real message here is that we’ve got to start early in life if we really want to impact cardiovascular disease.”

So what are you feeding your heart..... to find out how your diet is affecting your heart contact us

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Slow n steady wins the race

I have been repeating this very often and am again with the same thing.

Extreme calorie restricting diets – don’t work in the long term. Especially when it comes to losing fat, and especially the last few pounds of belly fat, the motto is: Slow and steady wins the race. If you rush, you fail. It as simple as that.
So have PATIENCE...PATIENCE and lots of it......