Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Monsoon offer

Get Monsoon ready
Monsoon brings relief from the scorching summer heat, but this is also a season for many diseases, infections and health problems, like food poisoning, dysentery and cholera.

Shilpsnutrilifebrings to you  “Healthy monsoon plan” develop good immunity, stay away from monsoon  infections, enjoy monsoon delicacy, healthy monsoon snacks, enjoy the rains.

Shilpsnutrilife (Diet and life style Makeover) offers customized diet solutions be it illness or wellness, either through one to one consultation, online through email, skype, phone, whatsapp or through shilpsnutrilife android app.

Note:- Monsoon plan include single diet consultation based on clients detailed general, medical and diet history, also assessment of fat%, BMR,BMI, muscle weight is taken into account and blood test as per medical history.

Key features

-support to eat healthy during Monsoon.

-No pills, powders or supplements given.

-no starvation

-24/7 support

-Nutritional updates through android app

-Recipe support

Price Rs 1000
So if you really want to enjoy the monsoon season join the plan.

If you are interested in enrolling in this offer kindly call or message me at 9870404042 or  drop a mail to shilpsnutrilife@gmail.com with the subject "Monsoon offer"

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