Sunday, 9 September 2018

Are oats good for kids

Are oats good for kids?

I have seen some mothers start weaning with oats or even continue later on …specially morning time as kids don't drink milk so a way to give milk too.....please oats are not for kids, yes oats are good in fibre.

🍎They can deplete the body of vital minerals

🍎They may bloat their small tummies and kids may feel full after eating small quantities and may not feel hungry for quite some time.

🍎This is a stage when their nutritional needs are higher we need to feed them nutrient dense foods not just fibre and fill them up.

Similarly a home cooked usual breakfast like paratha, poha, upma, idli, uttapas are better with probiotics and other nutrients like proteins,  vitamins which are systems are used to eating....

A balanced home cooked meal consisting of cereals ,pulses or dals , milk and its products along with fruit and vegetables is good enough to meet the requirement.

"Sahi Poshan Desh Roshan"

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