Sunday, 10 April 2011

Creative Kitchen Tips

 Creative Kitchen Tips
Most of us regularly indulge in foods that are not nutritious like pizza, burgers, samosa, vada pav, mithai, ladoos etc. An occasional indulgence is fine but eating them often is harmful for health. Even when cooking foods at home here are a few tips which will prove useful.

Kitchen Tips 
1. Add sugar to water when boiling green peas, french beans or green gram instead of soda to retain the green colour and decrease intake of sodium.

2.To prevent lady finger vegetable from becoming sticky add 2 tsp of curd while cooking. This in turn will require less oil for cooking the vegetable. 

3.Add 2 tsp of low fat milk when cooking cauliflower vegetable to ensure that the florets remain white in colour.  

4.To improve the consistency of idli batter, add a little roasted rava, the idli will turn out softer and tastier

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  1. Shilpa ji, good article having very good information. actually today we don't think about our daily food. we purchase the vegetable on the base of our taste and/or pocket only, not on the base of requirement of body and season.
    Thanks for sharing information.
    Please keep it up with new articles and informations. and inform me whenever u upload anything new.