Sunday, 10 April 2011


Aren’t we all concerned about weight loss, size zero, skinny looks, having perfect figure???????
What we do to achieve this, very simple go on a DIET.
How many times has this happened to you that inspite of dieting i.e. eating less, just 2-3 meals/day and exercising and still not losing weight, very often or may be still going on isn’t it? Doesn’t it sound depressing???
So why does this happen, have you ever thought about it, now let me explain you the following,
Eating less can slow down your metabolism.
U will lose 1/4th pound of muscle for every 3/4 th pound of fat on a low calorie diet alone.
For eg:- if u drop 20 pds without taking any exercise u have lost 5pds of muscle and 15pds of fat. That does not seem bad at all, untill u know
Every pd of muscle burns 14cal/day
Every pd of fat burns 2 cal/day
The longer time you are on this low calorie diet the slower will be your metabolism untill you build more muscles, you will continue to burn enery as slow as a bear in hibernation.
Therefore true meaning of diet is eating a well balance healthy 6-8 meals a day.
D – dumping in quality foods
I – increased energy
E- eating frequently
T- thumping blood

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