Thursday, 11 July 2013

Enjoy rains with healthy Monsoon snacks

Enjoy rains with healthy Monsoon snacks 

Monsoon means - Rain, Chai and Pakodas ! Isn’t it especially after getting wet.

Who doesn’t love monsoons? The smell of wet earth, watching the raindrops, getting wet and finally unwinding with a steaming cup of chai or kaapi along with a nice hot snack. While it won’t hurt to occasionally give into your temptations of those crisp onion or chilies bajjis , samosas but yes moderation is a must. 

While you are tempted to eat some hot snacks during the rains, why not try some naturally healthy snacks, so for all those who are looking for healthy snack options that you can munch on those rainy days, here are a few:

Corn on the cob: Or bhutta/ makkai. Its fun standing in the rain and watching the corn being grilled over red hot coals! Have it with just salt, red chilli and lime juice.

Peanuts - boiled /roasted . boiled salted peanuts are perfect protein rich snacks for a rainy afternoon.

So give this regular pakoras, smaosas, kachori a twist and try healthy snacks like makai, peanuts

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