Thursday, 1 August 2013

World Breastfeeding Week 1 - 7 August

World Breastfeeding Week 1 - 7 August
         Celebrated in more than 170 countries worldwide.

This year's World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) theme, 'BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT: CLOSE TO MOTHERS', highlights Breastfeeding Peer Counselling. Even when mothers are able to get off to a good start, all too often in the weeks or months after delivery there is a sharp decline in breastfeeding rates, and practices, particularly exclusive breastfeeding.

As societies change, however, in particular with urbanization, support for mothers from a wider circle is needed, whether it is provided by family or  trained health workers, lactation consultants, community leaders, or from friends who are also mothers, and/or from fathers/partners.

"The key to best breastfeeding practices is continued day-to-day support for the breastfeeding mother within her home and community."

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beneficial acts a mother can do for her child. Dramatic health benefits have been proven to pass from mother to child through breastmilk. From antibodies which protect an infant at the exclusive nutrients in mother's milk which have been shown to prevent a number of childhood diseases...the benefits are incalculable.

“Breastfeeding is so important to a baby’s health it provides infants with the most complete nutrition possible and has the optimal mix of nutrients and antibodies necessary for them to thrive.”

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