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World Osteoporosis Day 2013

World Osteoporosis Day 2013
The theme for 2013 ‘Strong Women Make Stronger Women ’ will highlight the reasons why women in particular especially postmenopausal  are at greatest risk of osteoporosis and fractures.
Professor John A. Kanis, President, IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation) says, “Osteoporosis is a serious threat to women’s health - worldwide one in three women over the age of 50 will suffer a broken bone due to osteoporosis. Yet too many women are unaware of their increased risk after menopause and fail to take preventive measures.”
IOF recommends five essential strategies to help maintain bone and muscle strength in later life:
1.Exercise 30–40 minutes, three to four times per week and ensure a mix of resistance training and weight-bearing exercise. As you age resistance training (e.g. using elastic bands, weight machines) becomes increasingly important.

2. Ensure a bone-healthy diet that includes enough dietary calcium and protein, with enough fruits and vegetables to balance the increased need for protein. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D too – through sunlight, diet, and supplementation if required.

3. Avoid negative habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake and maintain a healthy body weight. Women who are underweight are at higher risk compared to those with a normal body mass index.

4. Find out whether you may have personal factors that increase your risk of osteoporosis. Common risk factors include early menopause before the age of 45, use of glucocorticoids, rheumatoid arthritis, malabsorption disorders (e.g. celiac or Crohn’s disease), previous fragility fracture, or a family history of osteoporosis and fractures. Complete the One-Minute Osteoporosis Risk Test

5. Menopause is the critical time to get your doctor to assess your bone health status. Ask for a fracture risk assessment (e.g. FRAX) and, if indicated, take a bone mineral density test. If treatment is prescribed ensure that you adhere to your therapy.

“Women are the pillars of strength for their families and communities. I urge all women approaching the menopause to take action for bone health now in order to enjoy good quality of life and independence long into the future.” said Judy Stenmark, CEO, IOF.

Although Osteoporosis is called the silent epidemic because of its symptomless development and the lack of public awareness. Don't be silent, spread the word.

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