Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Exercise and a good diet are the key factors in cancer prevention

 Exercise and a good diet are the key factors in cancer prevention

50% of cancer cases preventable, report suggests.
The World Health Organisation has released its 2014 World Cancer Report which emphasises the importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing the disease, which affected more than 14 million people in 2012.

Smoking, alcohol, sugar intake and obesity are all linked to a substantially increased risk of developing cancer. “Despite exciting advances, the report shows that we cannot treat our way out of the cancer problem. More commitment to prevention and early detection is desperately needed in order to complement improved treatments and address the alarming rise in the cancer burden globally,” said co-author Dr Christopher Wild in his preface to the report.

The authors emphasise the importance of a healthy diet, regular physical activity and avoid cigarettes and alcohol in prevention of alcohol. They believe that up to half of cancer cases globally could be avoided through reasonable lifestyle changes.


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