Friday, 21 February 2014

Health Benefits of Betel Leaf (Pann)

 Health Benefits of Betel Leaf (Pann)
Mouth sweetener, freshener, digestive, symbol of hospitality... the Paan! Eating Paan is popular all over South East Asia - from India to Thailand and The Philippines to Vietnam! Paan is made from Betel leaves on which various 'fillings' are put like candied fruit, raisins, gulkand, Mukhwas, cardamom, saffron, roasted coconut, Areca nut, slaked lime paste. The leaf is then wrapped into a neat little parcel and served.

Maximum number of people considers chewing paan as a wrong habit, very harmful for your health. But the fact is paan is full of health benefits. Surprised? Well you all will be glad to read that chewing paan helps in giving you relief from acidity problem to osteoporosis.

Health Benefits of Betel Leaf (Pann):
• It is very cooling
• Useful in providing relief for headaches.
• Beneficial in treating nervous pains.
• Betel leaves have diuretic properties.
• Soak the leaves in mustard oil and warm it and apply them on the
chest to get relief from cough and to make breathing easy.
• Effective in treating sore throat.
• It helps digestion like no other, when taken after a heavy meal
and helps you to lighten up fast.

It is a stimulant, an antiseptic, a digestive aid and a breath freshener. - See more at:
• It is stimulant, antiseptic and a breath freshner.
It is a stimulant, an antiseptic, a digestive aid and a breath freshener. - See more at:
It is a stimulant, an antiseptic, a digestive aid and a breath freshener. - See more at:

• Even now the pregnant are always advised to have paan to help digest fast as they suffer from indigestion more often and eliminates

Occassional indulgence after meal is ok but keep in mind excess intake can prove out to be harmful for your body, increase chances of mouth ulcer, gum deterioration, lose of tooth and yes oral cancers... don't get addicted to it...

But let me tell you that long term use of paan increases the chances of mouth ulcers and gum deterioration leading to total loss of teeth in some cases. These certainly outweigh any positive effects of paan chewing. It is a common sight to have paan as after dinner mouth freshner. It does help to digest but do ensure that you brush your teeth before sleeping! - See more at:


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