Thursday, 11 June 2015

Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Healthy Kitchen Makeover 

Have you ever given a thougth to this:- When it comes to trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, does your kitchen do more harm than good? Are you ready to change your kitchen into a space that truly inspires you to prepare healthy meals?

If you want to give your family's daily diet a “HEALTHY MAKEOVER," start with your kitchen. To build good eating habits, take a hard look at the contents of your kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer, and make a few simple changes.

If you stock your kitchen with nutritious but flavorful whole foods, you and your family are more likely to eat a smart diet and reduce your risk of obesity,cardiovascular and other diseases.
Home is where your heart is, but it can also be where your health is. With a little change you can transform your house into a healthier place for yourself and the people you love.

Together we’ll go through your kitchen to get rid of unhealthy foods and provide nutritious and savory alternatives to replace them with. Discover what products to avoid buying, what ingredients to avoid and how to stock your shelves properly to eliminate unhealthy eating habits.

For a healthy kitchen makeover contact

Mrs Shilpa Mittal Nutritionist and Diet Consultant Founder Shilpsnutrilife - Diet and lifestylemakeover

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