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Healthy Fasting during festive

Healthy fasting during festive season
Fasting is an art and science of food abstinence for a certain period of time. Fast is undertaken by us during religious festivals like shravan, ekadhasi,navratri and various such occassions.
“Instead of fasting, most of us end up feasting on high-calorie food. A lot of people who have just one meal a day tend to overeat. If one eats one heavy meal in the entire day, it doesn’t get converted into energy instantly but accumulates as fat in the body,” so here we bring to you a few tips which will help you get the maximum benefit.
1.Power up your protein, which will help you stay alert and mentally energised. Have Milk and its products like curd, panir, nuts, dry fruits.
2.It is important to eat small meals at regular intervals like fruits, nuts, dry fruits, coconut, makhanna, to maintain normal blood glucose levels.
3.Instead of sago (sabudana) use Singhare ka atta, kottu ka atta, rajgiri ka atta, arrowroot and samak which will provide energy.
4.Have good amounts of fresh fruits and root veges (that are allowed).
5.Hydrate well with lots of water, coconut water, lemon water, herbal tea.
6.Instead of fasting, most of us end up binging on fried foods and sweets, avoid that.
7.Keep the portion sizes moderate. Overeating is a greatest risk.
8.If you eat one meal it should contain a balance of whole grain sources of complex carbohydrates as well as some protein like dals, pulses, small amounts of heart healthy fats, limit added sugars.
9.Foods eaten during fasting
10.Diabetes and fasting
11. Summary

Mrs Shilpa Mittal
Nutritionist and Diet Consultant
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