Saturday, 3 June 2017

Small changes can make a big difference

World environment day special
Small changes can make a big difference

Following small changes will help to reduce your “foodprint” and save our environment

Buy local, organic foods that do not use chemicals in the production process.

Buy food with a thought. Do not buy more food than you need to avoid food wastage.

Go vegetarian atleast once a week.

Plant a vegetable garden.

Cook food with care, serve just enough,use what is left.

Do not waste water, like do not let it run while we brush our teeth.

Request smaller portions at restaurants.

Avoid excess food packaging, use cloth bags, reuseable cups, non plastic bottles.

Avoid plastic bottles.

Don’t litter.

Just THINK.EAT.SAVE: Reduce your foodprint!
Save Food, Save Environment and Save Lives.........

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