Friday, 16 February 2018

Eat Dinner at least two hours before bedtime

Eat Dinner at least two hours before bedtime

It is generally advised to stop eating two hours before bedtime as our body’s metabolism dips and it is preparing for sleep(rest). Furthermore, lying down to go to sleep after eating a late dinner or midnight snack makes it impossible for gravity to hold food and liquids in place so stomach acids can do their job.

Also lack of activity after dinner makes it difficult for the body to digest food, some researchers believe going to bed with a full stomach causes the food to turn to fat.
Regardless of which theory is correct, the bottom line is that eating before bed interferes with getting a good night's sleep.

So, however  healthy dinner you eat it does not serve its purpose.

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Mrs Shilpa Mittal Nutritionist and Diet Consultant Founder Shilpsnutrilife - Diet and lifestylemakeover

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