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Teenagers and junk

Teenagers and junk

1.Are you a good role model
Parents you need to introspect how are you performing are you in ideal role models are you the one who wants to eat junk at least once a day or week so you tend to go out, or oder food... I see most of the parents doing that.... So improve on your habits. ...remember did our parents practice this....

2 It is always good to start young....your efforts are less at this age then.

 3. Try to keep junk food out of Sight if you do not store junk food at home it is not easily accessible and I hope you are not giving the money to them to go out and buy it if you do, especially when you are not at home ....there you are initiating the thing.... Make arrangements them to eat healthy

4.Understand their bodies are undergoing a lot of change lot of hormonal ups and downs are taking place in their body so they may crave at times for some kind of junk food your duty is to sit with them explain them in a proper tone don't be rude don't try to scold them, don't judge them, try to make them understand as to if they eat junk at this time what can happen to them later and fix days -times when you will allow them to eat junk, make junk with a healthy twist at home.

5.Also moderation is the key, which is forgotten....even if they eat junk portion size matters..   If you are getting 25% extra burger.... At the same price... Think does your stomach have extra 25% capacity to digest that....

6.Take the help of your teenager's when you are designing your menus sit with them ask them what could be prepared as I always say meal planning is essential so sit with your teenager's ask them what they like and how it can be prepared take their help in wall them in kitchen

let your children help you when you meal plan, shop and cook meals.  This gives you lots of opportunity to discuss why certain foods are good for you and why others are not!

7.Peer pressure to eat junk food is rampant, and in fact much marketing of snack food is aimed right at this vulnerable age group.

Besides poor food choice, another problem for teenagers (particularly girls) is skipping meals and dieting.  Pressure to be thin (most models these days are dangerously underweight) and self-consciousness about their changing bodies drive many girls in this age group to dangerous diets.

See to eat that your teenager always has breakfast, does not skip meals and is well hydrated ....at times thirst is misunderstood For hunger.

8.Physical activity or cycling dancing... Or walking to school or classes is very important.... Which is generally lacking.

Mrs Shilpa Mittal Nutritionist and Diet Consultant Founder Shilpsnutrilife - Diet and lifestylemakeover

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