Thursday, 29 March 2018

Indian summer vegetable - SNAKE GOURD (CHICHINDA, PADVAL)

Indian summer vegetable - SNAKE GOURD (CHICHINDA, PADVAL)

The snake gourd (chichinda, padval), also known as Chinese cucumber.

Snake gourd is a natural antibiotic, expectorant, and laxative. It can disperse phlegm, remove pus, expel toxic matter and is anti-inflammatory. It creates a cooling effect in the body. It is useful in correcting disorders, processes of nutrition and it restores the normal function of the system. Snake gourd helps stimulate the production of body fluids, relieving dryness. The plant is particularly useful in checking night sweating during the active phase of tuberculosis of the lungs.

Snake gourd is the best household remedy for heart problems. The juice of the fresh leaves is useful in heart disorders like palpitation and pain in the heart on physical exertion.
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