Monday, 4 November 2013

Rx for better health = Proper Nutrition + Physical Activity

Rx for better health = Proper Nutrition + Physical Activity

Your car would not run very well on unclean fuel nor would it be able to get you where you need to go if the tank is on “E"Empty. We can link this scenario to the human body. It must be replenished with proper nourishment after it has been broken down due to physical or daily activity. Just imagine running a car with very less fuel or unclean fuel, the average the car will give you would be very less or the distance it will take you.... RIGHT......Similarly if you do not fuel your body well or fuel it by unhealthy foods imagine the energy (average) it will give you and for how long......think...think...think.
I am posting it as it seems relatively easier to throw some dumbbells around in the gym or to follow a fad diet, starve, skip meals but it takes a more concerted effort when paying attention to the proper fuel consumption and when to execute your meals. Those who think they can diet without exercising and those who think they can eat whatever they want because they exercise, are sadly misguided. 

Have better health through better nutrition.....

Mrs Shilpa Mittal
Nutritionist and Diet Consultant
Founder Shilpsnutrilife - Diet and lifestylemakeover

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