Saturday, 14 March 2015

Green antioxidant rich drink

 Green antioxidant rich drink
chetana greendrink

This consist of Baby spinach ,tulsi,ajwain leaves from kitchen garden,  guava and dash of lemon juice…..go green.

Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), manganese, folate, magnesium,  potassium, and vitamin C.
Tulsi holy Indian plant has many benefits like it has anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties hence treats cold, cough fever and also increases immunity.
Ajwain leaves help in digestion and acidity
Guava and lemon will give vitamin C which again is a powerful antioxidant.

Green foods get their color from a pigment called chlorophyll,they high amounts of Vitamin K,lutein and zeaxanthin, phytochemicals such as indoles and glucosinolates and potassium.

Why you should eat more:
Chlorophyll, a natural blood purifier supports the liver and kidneys in the elimination of toxins. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting and building strong bones.Lutein and zeaxanthin can filter out harmful light that damages the eyes.

A daily serving of this can slash your chances of having a heart attack, very good for digestion, in both high and low BP.

Mrs Shilpa Mittal 
Nutritionist and Diet Consultant
Founder Shilpsnutrilife - Diet and lifestylemakeover


  1. Thanks for sharing ideas on Rich antioxidant Green drink. I will start taking this drink from tomorrow as I want to lose my weight as soon as possible. Can you give me some more ideas?

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