Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Quit smoking - Slip, don't slide

Quit smoking - Slip, don’t slide

Quit smoking, and your risk of a heart attack drops almost immediately, returning to that of a never-smoker within five to 15 years. Breaking the addiction isn't easy—some 40 percent of smokers try each year, and most of them fail. But a failed attempt is not a final defeat. What distinguishes successful quitters is their willingness to keep trying.

Slip, don’t slide

There’s an important distinction between a slip (a mistake) and a slide (a relapse). You slip when you smoke once or twice after your quit date. You relapse when you go back to your former smoking pattern. Slipping is common and doesn’t make you a smoker again. If you slip, try to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it the next time. Above all, don’t let one slip lead to another cigarette, then another...

You may have to quit two, three, or even more times before you stop smoking for good. Not succeeding may just mean you need more help.


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