Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Are you fostering childhood obesity

Are you fostering childhood obesity......
The attitude that a kid should get anything he or she wants to eat is a mistake by parents and a huge contributor to rising obesity rates. It is only increasing the chances of their child becoming obese.

Let’s take this into consideration the next time you…

1 Offer your child a second, third, or fourth slice of cake.

2 Allow them to play video or mobile games for hours or watch TV for hours.

3 Demand your child to study all weekend long, without any physical exercise.

4.Encourage eating out atleast once a week as you can't do without it?

5.Weekend outings for you mean visit to mall or to park or playground....

6.Do you carry some junk like waffers, vada, samosa home while returning from work...

7. Is your way of rewarding your kid involve food always like cakes, chocolate etc

8.What else are we doing wrong? What else can we do to ensure our child’s health?

Together, let’s…

Quit Childhood Obesity


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