Thursday, 12 July 2018

How to know if Dals, grains are organic

Organic or No
How to know if the grains,dals we buy are pesticide free or organic

Although a difficult task but this can be checked out –

Insect or worms in your grains are a good thing in a way Keedas (worms) too know that non-organic food is just not edible.Naturally grown sabut daals (like moong sabut, or urad sabut), atta, maida, brown rice, white rice and other grains will get keedas after two-three months and especially in the rains. All you need to do is clean the grain or sun them out like our grandmothers would and still live on with it for quite a few years.

Also their colour, shape, structure will never be uniform. There will, for instance, be different shades of yellow in your moong dal instead of the uniformly bleached yellow of the regular packaged dal.

Keedas don't contaminate your food, pesticides do.

Note :- This is as per what I have read and come across.

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