Thursday, 19 July 2018

Healthy monsoon snacks

Healthy Monsoon🌦 Snacks

Further adding on to my previous post on healthy snacking options for monsoons here are a few more

Baked aloo tikki, corn tikki, crepes (besan chillas), steamed momos, soups, a mixed-sprouts chaat, grilled snacks, mix veg pattice or aloo chaat. It's easier to make, delicious, and definitely more nutritious than the fried pakoras.

Grilled sandwich perfectly substitutes a bread pakoda by offering a nice mix of boiled vegetables, a bit of cheese or panir for taste, and crunchy slices of bread, Similarly bread with hot besan or egg omelette is also a high protein healthy snack option in a rainy weather.

Rains are beautiful, so enjoy yourself, but don't make exceptions to your diet you might regret later.

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