Thursday, 4 October 2012

Set a Good example, Children get their eating quirks from us.

Set a Good Example

Children get their eating quirks from us. 

If you want your child to drink milk or eat all the veggies and fruits, Don't make faces when having a certain vegetable or certain dish. 

If your child sees you regularly eating unhealthy foods or wrinkling up your nose at foods you don't like, he's likely to mimic that behavior as you are role models for them…

Treat everything served to you as your all time favourite and the most nutritious food; especially if eating in front of your child, do this genuinely for a few days, and you will not only see an improvement in your habit of eating everything on your platter but will also reinforce this in the mind of your child.

Also sitting down together as a family to share a nutritious meal gives your child a chance to see healthy eating habits in action..


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