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Calcium Citrate e.g. Citracal or Solgar:
Calcium is best absorbed in an acidic environment, hence calcium citrate is the best absorbed supplemental form of calcium. It does not require extra stomach acid for absorption, hence we may take it anytime in a day, even on an empty stomach. 

Calcium content: Calcium Citrate usually provides less elemental cal
cium per pill than Calcium Carbonate, therefore one may need to take a relatively more numbers of pills per day to meet the needs.

Pill Size: Calcium Citrate is usually small in capsule form. 

• If you suffer from acid stomach, it is best to avoid Calcium Citrate.

Calcium Carbonate e.g. Tums or Caltrate, Shell cal
Absorption: Calcium Carbonate is alkaline based, it requires extra stomach acid for better absorption, hence it is best taken right after meals or with a glass of acidic juice such as orange juice.
Calcium Content: Calcium Carbonate is the most prevalent calcium supplements in the market . It provides more elemental calcium than Calcium Citrate hence you may not need take as many pills.
Pill Size: Calcium Carbonate usually comes in a bigger tablet, some people may find it harder to swallow.

Calcium carbonate contains 40 percent elemental calcium, while calcium citrate contains 21 percent elemental calcium. So 1,000mg of calcium carbonate supplies 400mg of elemental calcium, while 1,000mg of calcium citrate contains 210mg.

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