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World Food Day - 16 October 2012

World Food Day - 16 October 2012

“Agricultural cooperatives – key to feeding the world”. 

This is the theme for World food day 2012. The day is about recognising the worldwide problem of hunger, hence the theme has been chosen to highlight the role of co-operatives in their contribution to food security and ridding the world of hunger.

This years theme is also important as 2012 has also been designated “International Year of Cooperatives” by the UN General Assembly.

However, it is not just about donating food to the world's hungry and undernourished peoples. It is about doing something to help them help themselves. If I was hungry and someone gave me a plough to farm my land I would be far more grateful than if they gave me a sack of potatoes. If I had a plough I could be self-sufficient and produce my own food. That is what the day is trying to encourage. 

The Food and Agriculture Organisation is a division of the United Nations, and is responsible for World Food Day. Along with raising awareness of hunger and poverty, the day aims to encourage economic and technological cooperation between different governments and with non-governmental organisations.

With an estimated 1.02 billion malnourished people across the globe it is a pretty serious matter and worth the public and private investment that is being sought out. So that's why it is important to raise awareness via World Food Day.

Feed the world,make it a better place
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