Saturday, 15 December 2012

Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking
A snack is an addition to your meal which is in harmony with the food you will eat later as part of the meal. In short, snacks should balance with the meals to be taken during the day.

Snacks  must not be look upon as something to chomp on because you are bored!! It is a tendency to grab a pizza or a burger or chips when parked in front of the TV or waiting around at a meeting place. Well, don't. You should have a snack to eat because you are genuinely hungry and wish to boost up your energy a little till your next meal.
Munching between meals can actually reduce your overall caloric intake by curbing overeating at your next meal. By controlling later binging, snacking can help you stay on track. By eating at regular intervals, your blood sugar levels (and therefore your energy levels) remain stable. So, instead of that mid-afternoon crash, you’ll be full of vigor through dinnertime!   Eating every few hours (especially fruits and veggies) can also help add extra nutrition that might be missing from other meals.

Next, in order to snack right you need to come up with a list of
healthy snacks to stock up on. So instead of simply grabbing some unhealthy bites, you will be reaching for a healthy snack. One example: a handful of dried fruit and a couple of healthy crackers in your handbag or drawer at your work place.

Finally, ditch the fried stuff and go the steamed way. A steamed dhokla or idli is healthy, a fried wada or masala dosa is not. A mixed bhel of sprouts is good snacking, a packet of wafers is not. A soup is hugely beneficial, a can of fizzy drink is not.

Be a Smart Snacker...stay healthy and full of energy


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