Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Year, New Start, New You!

New Year, New Start, New You! 

New Year, New Start, New You!

Welcome the new year—a perfect time to start a journey toward better health.

Its time to fine tune your diet and exercise habits. Granted, changing these habits is easier said than done. But with a positive "can-do" attitude and a realistic action plan, you can take strides to be a healthier new you.

Try these tips to make the coming year your healthiest year yet:

Map out a plan. specific and realistic goals. For example if you always grab fast food for lunch, decide to bring your lunch to work on Tuesdays and Thursday, similarly walk, cycle,swim on weekends.

Go slow, changing just one or two habits at a time works best. For instance, start eating fruit for your afternoon snack or adding a bowl of soup or salad for your dinner.

Make small changes. Small changes add up to big results. Exercising a little more or trimming a few calories aren't major changes, so they're easier to do. Plus, meeting mini-goals each day helps you stay motivated and reinforces that "can-do" attitude.

Redefine your relationship with food. Eat, but Don't Pig Out. 

Eating a nutritious diet doesn't mean deprivation—it means choosing a balance of flavorful, nutrient-rich foods and including your favorites in moderation, too.

There's no reason why we shouldn't enjoy food just because we're over the weight that we should be.

Expect Good Things From Yourself, be positive. Focus on the potential payoffs from healthy eating and exercise habits, such as shedding extra pounds, lowering your cholesterol levels, reducing insulin dosage or feeling more energetic.

Expect some setbacks. It's natural to stumble now and then, view setbacks as learning tools. Brush yourself off and get right back on track.

Remember, "Don't wait until the new year to have better eating habits, "It should be a whole year's resolution, not a New Year's resolution."
A  healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a race. Stick with small changes—a new you is waiting right around the corner.

Here's wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

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