Thursday, 6 December 2012

My college visit as a Guest lecturer

Sharing my college experiences n my journey........a privilege opportunity

Myself sharing my college experience
Giving nutritional tips for exams
students of First year homescience performing a skit for 12th std to give them a better insight into homescience
A beautiful slide presentation on what is homescience is all FSN dept...will share it soon

Leena M'am giving the final addressal

Manisha Parelkar M'am ready to answer all queries of 12std student related to nutrition

An all time favourite Sita M'am summerizing the whole session — with Seethalakshmi Subramanyam.

our one time home when we were studying ths FSN lab....not changed a bit except for Mahadev bhai's post has been taken over by his son

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