Sunday, 5 May 2013

International No Diet Day 6th may 2014

International No Diet Day 6th may 2014

It's International No Diet Day today! 

This day is dedicated to promoting a healthy life style with a focus on health at any size and in raising awareness of the potential dangers of dieting and the unlikelihood of success.

A day dedicated to raising awareness of how unhealthy dieting can be harmful, or respecting and accepting body types, and promoting healthy eating rather than dieting. 

No Diet Day aims to help to teach people to have a healthy relationship with food, and to ditch restrictive diets and the harmful results they often have, such as anorexia and body-type perceptions in the media.
There is no diet! NONE! That would do what healthy eating does! Forget the diets. Just eat healthy.

How to distinguish a diet from eating healthy. 

Just answer this simple question: could you eat like this i.e whatever you are eating, throughout your life Without “cheating”?

If the answer is YES: Congratulations, you do not diet, you EAT.

If the answer is NO: You are on diet.. Which means that you are just wasting your time. Bad idea! Unless you have multiple lives to live.

You really should forget about your “diet” and start eating healthy. Accept it as lifestyle enjoy it….


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