Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Healthy eating tips for ganesh festival

 Healthy eating tips for ganesh festival

Ganesh festival a time to indulge in sweets...sweets n sweets as Ganeshji also loves it, they are prepared at home, friends and relatives too get the same...so here are few tips to help you stay  healthy.

Eating healthy will include all the sweets prepared during this festival, but living healthy will also include burning those calories immediately! So go hit the gym or the jogging track first thing in the morning, and you can enjoy all the sweets without feeling of guilt.

Ensure you eat breakfast on the festive days as you will be less likely to snack on mithai latter throughtout the day.
During the festive season, it’s easy to drink lots of sugary fizzy drinks but opt for water or lemon water or masala chass or masala milk.
Make sure you're drinking enough water during the day, otherwise thirst can be easily mistaken for hunger.
The simplest way to eat fewer sweets is to cut them into smaller pieces.
Have a Happy and Healthy Ganesha festival

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