Saturday, 14 September 2013

Synopsis of Nutriweek Day 3 Healthy cooking

Synopsis of Nutriweek Day 3 Healthy cooking

Healthy cooking session conducted by Mrs Chetana Kalavadia cookery expert , is great cook and is totally into healthy cooking, give her any food good or tasteless and I am sure she will create magic. Her belief is all women are great cook, what she is today is because of her kids and husband who love to eat what she looks, according to her by cooking meals day in and out you don’t release when you become a great cook.

All her delicious recipes will feature soon till then the Key message:-
Always keep a few seasonings, sauces in your kitchen

A good chopper is a must and eases your work

Keep green mint and coriander chutney and sweet dates chutney handy

Make a dry masala by mixing extra oregano and chilli flakes which can be sprinkled on khichdi, salads, soup.

Every housewife who cooks as per the likes of her family is a great cook according to her

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