Thursday, 30 March 2017

Beat the heat with raw mango

Beat the heat with raw mango

-It is excellent for preventing sun stroke.

-Its high Vitamin C content helps by increasing immunity and preventing the common summer cold.

-It helps in preventing anaemia, TB and typhoid.

-It is quite rich in fibre helps maintain your digestive sysytem.

-Rich  in potassium has the power to keep blood pressure down as well. 

-A high potassium and magnesium content helps to prevent acidosis, muscle cramps, stress and heart problems.

Ever wondered how essential your aam ka achaar and kachi kairi (raw mango) ki chutney and panha is in the summer? No wonder the housewives are busy stocking these up! Add raw mango to your salad, poha, upma or chew on it raw with a little salt and red chilli powder.

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