Sunday, 19 March 2017

Shitala Asthami (Baseda)

Today we celebrate Basoda.
This day is dedicated to Sheetla Mata, literally speaking Goddess of Coolness.

Shitala Asthami or Baseda falls on the eighth day of the Hindu month Chaitra which is usually in March or April. Dedicated to Shitala Mata or Sitala Devi, worshipped as the goddess of smallpox.

According to customs in order to keep Shitala Mata cool on this day the fire should not be burned and the food should not be cooked, so all food is being prepared in advance the previous day and offered first to Shitala Mata.

Such food is called Basoda coming from the word “basi” which means ‘’from the previous night.’’

As post holi, summer starts setting in slowly so I am assuming this is another way of welcoming the summer.

The menu for the non-cooking day consists of dishes that do not get spoiled for a longer time on temperatures of Rajasthani spring which are usually above 35°C:

Khadi  – a sour yellow soup made from gram flour, buttermilk or yoghurt and spices.

Rabdi - Rabdi Rajasthani drink made with (Bajra) Millet flour and yogurt.

Panchkuta – Rajasthani speciality made of sun-dried vegetables that grow on trees.

Khichiya – crispy chips made from rice flour and spices.

Puri – deep fried bread in many variations: neutral, sweet, with chilli etc.

Mithe chawal (sweet rice)

Aloo sabzi, Karela sabzi

Gulgula (sweet pakodas made from wheat flour and sugar)

Different parathas like methi and mogar (moongdal)
Bajra rotis sweet and salty

Various chutneys 

Enjoy eating
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