Friday, 2 November 2012

2nd November is the world Vitamin D day

World Vitamin D day - 2nd November
November is the beginning of “Vitamin D Winter” in the Northern Hemisphere – a four-to-five-month period where people’s vitamin D levels begin to plummet because there is little UVB in winter sunlight to initiate natural vitamin D production in the skin.

Vitamin D Winter affects all of Canada, which is why individuals should get their vitamin D blood levels checked. Not only Canada even Indians are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency and so thought of posting this, based on a recent seminar on Vit D.

If you expect sunshine to provide you with vitamin D, then you’d better make sure that the sun is high enough in the sky, because when the sun is low on the horizon it cannot help skin make vitamin D. 

 So go grab the sunshine vitamin and up your vitamin D levels

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