Monday, 5 November 2012

Low fat foods

Low fat foods

Festive season, festive mood is setting in , you will find a lot of food product over the shelf stating “LOW FAT”, but do you know…Low-fat food by no means suggests that the food won’t convert into fat in your body. To be honest, most fat-free or low-fat foods have only a marginally lower fat content than their full fat versions – and they convert into fat just like their full fat counterparts!

Check the sugar and calorie content of such products because they may contain less fat but lot of sugar making it calorie rich.( Eg Low fat Yogurts) 

If a product is ‘No fat ,No sugar’,look for ingredients like honey, corn syrup, jaggery, peanut butter, etc as all these contribute to lots of calories.

LITE’ PRODUCTS- Many products advertise themselves as ‘ LITE’ or ‘LIGHT’. This does not necessarily mean that it is light in calories, fat or sugar. It might be light in Weight, less in content of any 1 nutrient like sodium, or just Light in Colour. 

'CHOLESTEROL FREE ‘-Cholesterol and Fat are not the same thing. So when products are labelled cholesterol free this does not mean it is fat free.
For eg, Cooking oil may be cholesterol free but it is 100% fat.

Be a Smart Consumer!!!!!

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