Friday, 23 November 2012

Anti obesity day special 26th nov 2012 -Being a Healthy Eating Role Model

Anti obesity day special 26th nov 2012 -
Being a Healthy Eating Role Model
Being a Healthy Eating Role Model –Anti obesity day special

Parents are role models and the most important influence in their children’s lives.
Eat the way you want your child to eat
Children learn by example
To get a sense of how your attitude might influence your children, examine your own behavior.
• Do you snack all day long?
• Do you eat in front of the TV?
• Do you eat whenever you are bored or under stress?
• Do you eat dessert at every meal?
• Do you skip breakfast?
• Do you have sodas rather than milk with your meals?
• Do you diet all the time and have a fear of food?

If you answered “yes” to more than a few of these questions, you are likely sending unhealthy messages to your child about food.

Normally when you see an overweight kid, you will most likely see an overweight parent right next to him.
It’s really sad that those kids are getting off on a bad start in life. All us parents love our kids, and will do whatever best we can for them. So why not eat healthy, lead a healthy lifestyle and have good exercise regime, rest will fall in place...... it is that simple believe me.

Give them a reason to thank u latter in life.

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