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Anti Obesity Day special …..The Weight of the Nation

Anti Obesity Day 26th Nov special
The Weight of the Nation
India can now boast of economic progress, technological advancement and better opportunities, at one end and at the other end India is in the forefront of an obesity epidemic. Being ‘out of shape’ is now a common sight among both the young and the old, which is changing the shape of things to come.

Presently, one in 6 women and one in 5 men are overweight in India. Indeed, there is a dire need to trim, as obesity figures are bulging dangerously at a staggering 70 million in India. The increasing bulge of India’s burgeoning population is directly proportional to its burden on health. In India, malnutrition and obesity are two coexisting extremes which contribute to leading causes of death. 

There are various surveys and researches being conducted on eating habits, obesity and the results of these are truly alarming. In one such survey it was concluded  that:-

48% of the Indian population is overweight. Yet majority of them do not exercise. 

34% do not indulge in any form of exercise or physical activity and lead a sedentary lifestyle. 

51% of the population is physically unfit and suffer from various diseases.

33% Indians need to consume medicines daily in order to lead a normal life. 

26% people are hypertensive i.e with high blood pressure. 

30% of the people have bad teeth. 

Diabetes is on an all time high with 17% people suffering from acute diabetes. 

31% of the people suffer from disorders related to digestion of food.

36%  of the population confessed to eating out regularly at fast food joints. They also proclaimed that their regular diet included junk food such as fries and colas. Some were self confessed ice cream addicts.

>15% of urban children are overweight. 

Death rates increase by 200% for men and women who are significantly overweight (More than 25Kg)

Children of 2 obese parents have a very high probability of being obese

Smoking is the number one cause of cancers in smokers but obesity is the main cause of cancers in non-smokers, according to a research study by British scientists.

Isn't all this what are you waiting for act now... lets shape the destiny of India towards a healthy future.

Watch out for impact of obesity and ways to tackle the same in the coming post……

Source - obesity foundation india,facts and figures related to obesity in india.

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