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All about Tender jowar - sorghum(Hurda, Young jowar kernels)

All about Tender jowar - sorghum
(Hurda, Young jowar kernels)

Jowar is the Indian name for sorghum, a cereal grain. Also known as white millet, which can be roasted,steamed, boiled, added to soups and stews or can be ground to flour.

Hey friends sharing with you wonderful piece of information…I am yet to experience this ….Have just known about it through my grandparents n parents.

Hurda is the name given to tender Jowar - the main staple grain of rural Maharashtra, India. In early January, Jowar grain is juicy and very tender. Just the right time to be eaten roasted.It is generally picked from fields and cooked there and then,  this  young  jowar  tastes awesome when roasted.
Bunches of Hurda with long stems
Process of roasting
They are roasted on dried cow dung, cakes of dried cow dung make for excellent roasting medium - slow and long lasting. Bunches of Hurda with stems that work as a grip are pushed in the hot pit. In about five minutes the tender grains are nicely roasted. The pit keepers, i.e Hurda makers, have mastered the art of holding the roasted Hurda, burning hot, in their bare palms. Vigorous rubbing, using both the palms, separates the roasted Hurda from the chaff.
Roasted Hurda chaffed by hand
Generally farm party called Hurda Party is organized where the freshly plucked young tender jowar is roasted. It can be  directly eaten after  roasting when it is still hot and tender. To accompany they have jaggery (gud), shengdana-lassun chutney (both red and green)(groundnut-garlic chutney), dry khobra chutney(dry coconut), wanga  bhaji  (Brinjal vegetable)and taak (butter milk). Hot n spicy Theecha made of green chillies and garlic is also served.

Health benefits
Jowar is commonly eaten with the hull, which retains the majority of the nutrients. The plant is very high in fiber and iron, with a fairly high protein level and also a good source of phosphorus and thiamine. Jowar are rich in antioxidants and all sorghum varieties are gluten-free, an attractive alternative for wheat allergy sufferers.
Hurda Tender Jowar-Sorghum

So go ahead and Njoy…..Don’t worry if you do not have a farm, there are quite a few farm owners who offer Hurda Parties for a small fee. You can opt for Hurda cum lunch or Hurda cum dinner. If you have the appetite, go for both. The day is all yours.

It's worth a try.

Watch out for the recipe of  tender jowar Chaat tomorrow


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