Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Android Application Shilpsnutrilife details

Android Application Shilpsnutrilife details

Check out my  Health and Fitness android app shilpsnutrilife at

Shilpsnutrilife helps you get a customized Diet Plan taking into consideration your habits, medical history and what you eat everyday. It also provides you with continuously updated Nutri-feed , to keep you up to date about your favourite meals, health, fitness, diet.


Shilpsnutrilife is all about one on one Health counseling giving practical knowledge, personal attention and needed support.

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Nutri-feed - Its not just nutrition news, views or facts but are feeds to help you eat nutritious everyday thereby helps you in translating nutrition goals into workable meal plans and also keeps you motivated.

Helps you share the information through social media like facebook, twitter, google+, whatsup etc.
BMI Calculator and Diet Request
BMI(Body Mass Index) Calculator - measures your current health status, risk of obesity, underweight. BMI Calculator is based on the Revised Growing Obesity Formula by WHO.
BMI Calculator and
obesity risk
Shilpsnutrilife manages your diet by helping you manage what you eat.
Questionaire for  Customized diet plan
Diet plan – get a Customized Diet plan directly on your Android App within 36hrs.A customized individual health program is the cornerstone for changing lives in a powerful way.
Customized Diet Plan
Its not about "DIETING" but "EATING RIGHT"
It is about healthy nutrition and lifestyle makeover for every individual.

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