Saturday, 2 March 2013

Thirsty? you are already dehydrated

Thirsty? you are already dehydrated

We all feel thirsty. Why does this happen? It is a signal from the body telling you that your body fluid is not well-balanced. Desire to drink is generated from your brain in order to prevent problems induced by body fluid imbalance.
Two mechanisms that make you thirsty.
You become thirsty: 
1.When you lose body fluid.
2.When there is an increase in your body fluid thickness.

Thirst is one of the first warning signals you may be getting dehydrated, but you should not rely on thirst alone. Other early signs are: fatigue, flushed skin, faster breathing and pulse rate, and decreased exercise capacity. Later signs include weakness, dizziness, and labored breathing. 

Experts say that thirst occurs when at least 2% of your body weight is lost as sweat. Hydrating before and during strenuous activity is important. 

If you think you're becoming dehydrated, you should move to a cool place and rehydrate. Drink fluids slowly, rather than quickly -- drinking too fast can stimulate urination, resulting in less hydration. 

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