Sunday, 31 March 2013


Have been seeing this fruit on and off lately everywhere quite in abundance......thats white jamun,have you heard of it, its a variant of the black jamun, the tree produces white coloured fruit,commonly known as white jamun.

White jamun  is grown especially for its cooling nature that can be very refreshing and slaking on a hot day. They are pear-shaped structure, skin is smooth, waxy and thin that comes in varying colors ranging from white, pale green color, green, pink, rose red and crimson color. The fruit’s pith is snow white like.The fruit is crisp, almost crunchy and juicy in taste with a mild scented flavor, tasting mildly sweet. Often seedless fruit, you can eat these fruits out-of-hand, without any need to peel the skin.

Common names of the fruit include wax apple, love apple, java apple, chomphu, wax jambu, rose apple, bell fruit, makopa.

Uses Of wax apple

Fruits can be added in salad and the unripe fruits can be eaten with salt or dipped in a sweetish-spicy sauce.
It also tastes best when the fruits are soaked in salt water for 30 minutes. 

Raw fruits are used for for making wine and vinegar. 

The juice of ripe fruit is used for preparing jams, jelly, sauces and other beverages.

Health benefits 
Stops diarrhea & dysentery.

Relieves throat affections and other respiratory diseases.
Removes worms.

Vinegar made from the fruit gives relief in colitis,indigestion,stomach diseases. It relieves gas and improves digestion.

Many members of the Wax Jambu family have volatile oils which help in medicinal applications. The medicinal oil is present throughout the living tissue most of the Wax  Jambu species.

A 2008 study published in “Advances in Biological Research” also indicate the fruit’s phytochemicals have mild antibiotic and antifungal properties against staphylococcus, candida aureus and mycrobacter smegmatis.

Go ahead Njoy the fruit especially now when its in season


  1. sure - we have these days saved jamun loaded on trees - each morning we get scores of them on the ground - dropped by the fruit tree.i soak them in salt water for 30 minutes before partaking them regularly.

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