Sunday, 16 July 2017

Can we get our junk lifestyle right

CAN WE GET THIS RIGHT.......................

Our digestive system has undergone very little change over the past several thousand years, yet our diet has changed so rapidly that some think our stomachs are unable to keep pace with it. And therein lies the root of many modern-day nutrition and diet related issues.

Just think about it - did our grandparents diet included a double cheese pizza,burger with a large soda and fries? Did they drink cups after cups of coffee to bust stress? Were they dependent on canned and processed food choices at the local supermarkets? Did they go days without having fruits and vegetables in their meal? We, on the other hand, routinely indulge in these supremely unhealthy food habits.

It's evident that we compare poorly to our grandparents generation as far as food choices are concerned.

Clearly, when it comes to healthy living, going back to the basics may not be a bad idea.


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