Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Eat a lot of seasonal stuff

Eat a lot of seasonal stuff especially fruits and veggies

Although nowadays we get all fruits and vegetables in all seasons, their nutritional content is at its peak during its season.

Other benefits
1) Lesser use of toxic chemicals, poisonous pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified seeds .(added during growing harvesting and for storage)
2) Good for your Health since it has not been transported from long distances hence the freshness of the fruit would be at its peak!
3) Easy on pocket.
4) Every seasons' fruits and vegetables are designed by Nature to suit the season (summer, winter etc) and hence their nutritional status would be better than the non-seasonal ones, infact all the nutrients they are rich in is at its peak, eg- Amla rich in vit C, plums rich in Vitamin A.
5) In season foods taste better than non-seasonal ones! Try it yourself.

Although Seasonal food can be boring sometimes, but its Pros definitely exceed its Cons

A common observation says:
Mangoes, Watermelon, MuskMelon, are very sweet and taste the best during Summers.

Similarly Guava, Sapota (Cheeku),Orange, Sweet lime, Water chestnut(Singhada) taste best during Winters.

Corn (Bhutta), Litchi, Peaches, Plums,Jamun taste the best during Monsoons.

(There can be many more fruits that can be added to the list according to geographic locations)

So be judicious and choose more Healthy and Nutritive foods i.e. Seasonal foods.


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