Wednesday, 1 November 2017

World Vegan day

November 1st is world vegan day
Lets have a look at the benefits of eating vegetarian diet
It’s a healthy choice
A balanced vegan diet (also referred to as a ‘plant-based diet’) meets many current healthy eating recommendations such as eating more fruit, vegetables and wholegrains and consuming less cholesterol and saturated fat. Balanced vegan diets are often rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, that can decrease the chances of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. Well-planned plant-based diets are suitable for all age groups and stages of life.

It’s better for the environment
Switching to a plant-based diet is an effective way for an individual to reduce their eco-footprint. Vegan diets can produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than meat-based diets.

Plant-based diets only require around one third of the land and water needed to produce a typical Western diet.

Choosing to live a life free from animal products means choosing a path that is kinder to people, animals and the environment.

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